Can I just tell ya’ll about my Sunday yesterday?

Short version:

  • Brad worked Saturday night until Sunday morning 7 am
  • I got both kids and myself dressed and to church on time (exhausted before I even got there)
  • Church, Mama’s Sunday lunch….
  • Dylann Blaire (18 month old) throws up all over me
  • Get home, take a nap…
  • wake up a very ill 4 year old to go back to church
  • Brad is home but had gout and can’t walk

So what does Satan do?

“Why are you even going? It’s too much effort. You’re tired. Just stay home. Nothing is going your way.”

Satan uses what is personal to you to attack you. Well, it has to be right? I mean, in order for his schemes to be effective and to keep you from your calling he has to be wise enough to attack you in your own personal struggles.

I did not FEEL adequate enough to spiritually lead my children to the house of the Lord. I did not FEEL as if I had the strength to persevere and overcome these attacks.

We made it to BOTH services but the enemy was NOT done in his attempts to take me out.

During the service Pastor David spoke about the attacks that the enemy had placed on him to try to get him to quit pursuing the work of the Lord; taunting him and using his own sermons against him. The exact thing that the enemy had been doing to me that entire day. His response to Satan was “You’re in the wrong house”.

After church was a meeting that revealed some needs regarding the kids ministry in the church.

side note: if you are dropping your children off into a kids service every week and aren’t serving in the church in some capacity, I assure you that you are disregarding your call to serve.

Anyways, I’m a yes man when it comes to the Lord and the needs of his ministry. So of course when the church had a need, I happily accepted to help in that area.

But you know what…?

Satan knew.

He knew that if I went to church that night that a ministry need would be met and children would be taught the word of God.

On the way home from church he started again…

“What makes you think that you can teach anyone about God?”

“You aren’t good enough to teach God’s word.”

“You are inadequate and struggle with inferiority”.

“You are too weak to do anything for the kingdom”.

& on & on & on & on it continued.

Satan dragging me down, beating me up, trying to take me out.

I started to talk to God and I just thanked him that we had made it.

That despite my inadequate feelings I pushed though and the day was centered around Christ and his presence.

In the back seat I hear a little four year old voice start to sing…

“Nobody but Jesus” adding a “Hallelujah” every now and again.

A song that she had been learning in kids church.

It mattered.

It mattered that I didn’t stay at home.

It mattered that I pushed through and went anyway.

It is making a difference to have like minded people surrounding my children.

Satan HATES that.


Why wouldn’t he do everything in his power to stop us?

Why wouldn’t he try to make me feel less that the daughter of the KING that I am?

We are in a “GET UP” season!!


GET UP for your kids.

GET UP for your marriage.

GET UP for your healing.

GET UP to break your strongholds.

GET UP to release your past.

GET UP to renew your mind.

GET UP to steady your steps.

GET UP to break generational curses.

GET UP despite how you’re feeling.

GET UP regardless of what the enemy is throwing your way.

GET UP on behalf of this nation.

GET UP, my sister in Christ Jesus!!!
Now is NOT the time to stay home, to quit, to drop out.

This is the time to say YES, to fight, to stay in the race.

Are you thankful friend that we serve a God that prefers people that feel inadequate?

Aren’t you glad that he chose Moses when Moses said, “But, Lord, I am telling you, I am not a good speaker. I have never been able to speak well. And that hasn’t changed since you started talking to me. I am still not a good speaker. You know that I speak slowly and don’t use the best words.”

You see, I’m not the most qualified or sanctified, or certified. I’m just a 28 year old mama, using too much dry shampoo and drive thru happy meals that says YES to God.

Then the LORD said to him, “Who made a person’s mouth? And who can make someone deaf or not able to speak? Who can make a person blind? Who can make a person able to see? I am the one. I am the said to him, “Who made a person’s mouth? And who can make someone deaf or not able to speak? Who can make a person blind? Who can make a person able to see? I am the one. I am the LORD. So go. I will be with you when you speak. I will give you the words to say.”

I am capable because he is able and he uses me because I make my self available.

So Satan GET BEHIND us women who say yes to God.

Sit down, back up, shut up, because YOU are in the WRONG house!!!

Lord I thank you for the mama who got up yesterday, dressed children, fed them breakfast (even if they didn’t cook it), and hurried off to church so that the day may be yours. I pray that you see their efforts. I pray that on the days that the enemy tries to come against them in an effort to take them out of the game, that you will strengthen her to keep going. I pray Lord that she will see the effects that consistently seeking your presence has on her offspring. I pray that when she shows up, exhausted, that you will meet her there. Lord see her sacrifices to spend time in your presence. Whether she is leaving behind a sick baby or a sick spouse or even her phone for a few hours to spend time with you I pray that the heavens open up above her and you pour out your blessings. Bless her children, her family, and her home. For every yes that she makes on your behalf I pray that you make ten fold blessings on hers. Thank you God for mamas; for the ones that don’t quit, the ones that continue to choose your presence despite the attempts of Satan. Thank you for your strength and the desire to seek you. We all have the commonality of our “why”. It’s all because of you Lord.

I didn’t wear red today: and I didn’t wear blue either!

When I woke up this morning I, like probably most Americans, checked the election results.

I got dressed for work just like I did yesterday.

I didn’t put on a red shirt… I didn’t put on a blue shirt.

I put on the full armor of God.

Ephesians 6:10-18 says:

(Message translation)

“God is strong, and he wants you strong. So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials. And put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the devil throws your way. This is no afternoon athletic contest that we’ll walk away from and forget about in a couple of hours. This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the devil and all his angels. Be prepared. You’re up against far more than you can handle on y9our own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it’s all over but the shouting you’ll still be on your feet. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You’ll need them throughout your life. God’s word is an indispensable weapon. In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other’s spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out.”

I’ve learned a few things recently:

  1. The peace, faith, salvation, and word of the Lord will be more useful to you than any elected official.
  2. A good retinol serum will seriously diminish deep forehead wrinkles.
  3. I am not red, nor am I blue. I am a child of the most high King and will only look to him for provision of me and my family.
  4. No government or political party died on the cross for me.
  5. Praising the Lord in the midst of mess confuses the enemy.
  6. Jo Jo Siwa’s music should be banned from the U.S. #overit
  7. A pandemic does not scare me, elections do not hold me captivated by fear, the future of America will not cause me to worry
  8. Stop waiting for Friday; Mondays are beautiful!
  9. In the end God wins it all!!!
  10. let your focus be on above and not on what is in front of you


I took the vaccine today—

How? I wasn’t in the “chosen” group of people to receive it first. I’m not in a profession that is considered to be in the most need of the vaccine.

But you see, I am chosen!!! Not chosen by the CDC or the government but chosen by a king who holds everything in the palm of his hand.

Today at church I took the vaccine that was tested over 2000 years ago.

It fights off sin, sickness, and diseases!

As with any vaccine it has some side effects; blessings, happiness, prosperity, and strength for the future.

This vaccine protects me and my family from the things of this world. It offered a solution to a lost and dying people. It takes what was meant to harm me and produces good things.

Having this vaccine gives me peace, comfort, a sound mind, confidence, and faith over fear.

When I accepted this vaccination my eyes no longer saw the same, My mind no longer thought the same thoughts, my mouth didn’t speak the same words…

This vaccine changed me.

I am injected with the Lord Jesus Christ and his spirit dwells within me!!!!

Ideas and thoughts are from my church notes

Sermon given by Pastor David

Crossover Ministries


Home called today.

Home will always be the place where I grew up rather than my current address.

In the past several months, home has changed.

Age has really started to show its face on home.

It isn’t as vibrant and young as it once was.

Sometimes home is confused, unaware, unsure of its own surroundings, and just seemingly lost.

Home has been different.

Home is more dependent on me now than I am on it.

Home needs me now.

Home fed me, clothed me, raised me, instilled Biblical truths in me, guided me, disciplined me, loved me,

Now I check on home, worry about home, assist with home,

Home taught me how to care for it before it ever even needed care.

Today home called.

& today it was just like old times.

Today home took care of me, asked me how I was doing, worried about me.

Today I could hear that old, familiar, home sound.

I recognized home today.

Home recognized me.

I could feel all of those things that home makes you feel.

I loved being home today and I am so thankful that home called.

I didn’t want to hang up because I wasn’t sure if I would recognize home the next time it called.

So I just tried to stay in that sweet moment for as long as I could.

Thank you Lord for my home on Earth.

Thank you for preparing me a home with you in Heaven. A home where dementia and sicknesses are absent. A place where time doesn’t cause confusion because it doesn’t exist. A place where tasks, such as praising you, are simple and not immeasurably harder than they should be. A place where frustration from brain fog is unheard of.

Thank you God for home.

For the home that I have always known.

For these moments where home is recognizable.

I sure needed home today.

“Steeping” Season….

I’ve been using natural teas for many different reasons lately. (stay with me) The benefits that teas have to offer is endless. I’ve been on a quest to digest (TMI? haha!), a sleepy time tea that actually makes you sleepy, and a calm down tea that really does settle your mind. If you don’t know much about tea, it’s ok! I didn’t know anything about tea before I started this tea drinking journey. But here is what I’ve learned.. I have learned that in the process of making tea you have to “steep” it in hot water in order to get everything extracted from the tea or else it loses its effectiveness.

I’ve learned that the same thing applies to the time that you spend with Jesus. You can DIP your tea in water all you want but if your water temperature isn’t right you wont be able to extract anything. You can “spend time” with Jesus but if you’re only half into it (distracted by the tv, your phone, Facebook) you won’t pull out what you need to from that time. So either your water is hot, or you don’t waste your time making it.

You can DIP your tea bag in hot water, but the water won’t have any change. It will still be flavorless. Spending time with Jesus, in order to see or taste a change, needs to be steeped. You need to dwell there in those moments, drinking deeply of his presence. Simply dipping into his presence is not enough for times such as these. In these steeping moments with my father is where after a hard day, I can do it all over again the next. It’s where my anxiety decreases moment by moment, calming my spirit. It is where fear is dispersed and I get the boldness to tell the enemy NOT TODAY. Its in these moments with Jesus that I can close my eyes, imagining myself in the throne room, bowing before his feet, giving my every breath to his praise and honor. This is where I feel my feet begin to steady again, although they were shaky before. This is where I can look back over my life, and although tomorrow looks a little blurry, I am thankful for the 28 years of blessings and protection that he has given me. Steeping in his presence extracts everything that your soul needs.

What I love most about steeping tea is that once you submerge the tea bag into the hot water and it changes the water’s color and flavor… it never goes back to the water that it was before. You can’t separate the water from the tea. You remove the useless stuff left over from the tea bag, but the good things that were extracted during the steeping process remain.

This should give the mom that is worried about her child returning to the faith so much hope and encouragement. If you have bathed your child in God’s presence and raised them in the way of the Lord the Bible says that they will NOT depart from it. Mama your child will come home to Jesus.

I am telling you from experience that once you steep in the presence of Jesus, you are never the same. It is an encounter that will change you forever and it will leave you wanting more; more of his presence, people that are like minded, more time spent in prayer, more worshiping. And once you have steeped in him you can never separate what has been joined.

If you continue to steep tea bags that have already been steeped, what you extract from it gets weaker and weaker. We must be willing to throw away what has already been steeped. We must have an opened hand and not a clenched fist. We have to have faith that the Lord will refresh and give back more than we disposed of. Start every steeping moment with a refreshed steeping sack. Ask the Lord to forgive your sins of the past, we all fall short of the glory of God. Allow him to wipe your slate clean so that you can enter in to these steeping moments with a pure and clean heart.

Steeping in my spiritual life is my favorite time spent with the Lord.

How do you steep when you have children, a full time job, a husband, laundry… the list is never ending?

Some of the BEST teas take 10 minutes to steep; many of them less than that. You can pull the best things from teas in less than 10 minutes.

So can we not find 10 minutes to fully devote our time with Jesus?

This is why prayer closets are so important.

the Bible talks about going into your prayer closet to pray but I truly believe that your prayer closet does not have to be an actual closet in your house. You just need a space that you can fully devote some time alone with the Lord.

Can I realistically tell you what this has looked like in my life?

A.) both kids asleep in the car, pull up in the drive way- spend time alone with God

B.) hubby stays up later than I do, the baby is asleep, the toddler is watching tv- spend time alone with God

C.) kids are asleep in the car on the way to work in the morning- spend time alone with God

(One time I was talking out loud to God on the way to work and my sweet little 3 year old, who I thought was asleep, starts adding things to my prayer, that then became our was a special moment)

D.) Kids aren’t asleep on the way to work, drop them off at my moms, only have about 7 minutes until I am at work- spend time alone with God

E.) my students will be coming down the hallway in 5 minutes, read my daily devotional and pray over our day- spend time alone with God

My point is that you don’t have to have hours to yourself to find steeping moments with the Lord. Ask the Lord to help you identify moments in your day that you can pause and steep in his presence. Once you grab hold of a these steeping moments alone with God you will search all day to find more of them, to sit at his feet, to drink from the cup in his hand.. and then your ten minutes that you could hardly fit in, becomes twenty.

There are times that I pray and ask Jesus for specific requests but in these steeping moments, I really just want to thank God for the so many things that he blesses me with. I just want to spend time letting him know the love that I have for him and thanking him for the love he has for me. Its a time that I want to grow closer to him and really focus on his mercy, grace, and abundant love.


I pray that you would give every person reading this a multitude of opportunities to steep in your presence. I pray that once they experience these moments and draw out all of the goodness that you have to offer that you will leave their spirit wanting more of everything that you have to offer. I pray that these steeping moments are full of peace and rest and that they will fuel them up and give them the strength that they need to get to the next steeping moment. Lord I pray that their children will see them steep, so that they will want what mama has. Let them be an example of what being in your presence can do. I pray God that no matter where this woman is in her walk with you that you will show her and lead her into spending time with you. I rebuke any excuses that any person reading this had as to why they could not find time to have steeping moments with you. God it is YOU that should be first in our life over everything else. If we have to stay up later or wake up earlier to find that time with you then I pray Lord that you will give us the strength, desire, and motivation to put you before sleep. You are deserving of our time. I pray that you will drop it in everyone’s spirit to spend more time with you, to steep in your presence. Bless their steeping time with you Lord. May they draw out every little bit of your presence that you have to offer in that time. I pray that their cup runs over, their blessings are abundant, and your presence in their life is GREAT. I pray that you will put like minded people in their lives. People that will encourage their spiritual callings, friends that will pray for their needs, family that will share in their faith and walk with the Lord, leaders in the faith that will grow and elevate their Christian journey. Steeping moments are for you Jesus but the things that are extracted during that time for us…we are all so thankful for. Lord I pray that the leaves that serve no purpose, that are left behind in the old tea bags, will be removed from our lives. Maybe for some Lord that is a person that they need to distance themselves from. Maybe it is just their past that they need to stop steeping over. Maybe they had tea before God but it just needs to be refreshed. Or even Lord, maybe some have never tasted your tea at all and need to invite you into their journey. Whatever they need to put behind them Lord, I pray that you will give them the strength to let it go. You cannot receive with a clenched fist. Let go of the old tea bag and trust that God is going to put a new refreshed one in the pot for your next steeping moment with him.

Mama, those ornaments are going to move up…

Let the ornaments at the bottom of the tree be.

One day Mama, they won’t all be at the bottom.

One day, they won’t all be clumped together.

One day there won’t be a crown in the middle as a “one last final touch”.

And one day, you’re going to wish that it was exactly the way their little selves decorated it. So let it be mama ❤️ soak it all in!!!

My four year old teaches me spiritual lessons quite often but today she really got me–

She kept insisting that she decorate the back of the tree.

“Baby put them in the front. No one sees the back…”

In her sweet little four year old voice she says “Mommy I know no one will see but I know it”

Oh. My.

Sweet dear child.

That’s how you explain Jesus to people that don’t understand it…

They may not always see him but you know he’s back there.

You know those decorations are there and even though they don’t have a physical appearance they still have a big purpose.

That’s faith y’all in the words of a four year old… you can’t see it from the other side of the tree but you know that it’s there.

Thank you Jesus for using my four year old to flood my soul with your presence.

What a powerful little human she is, a warrior for the kingdom of God!!!

I will never NOT decorate the back of tree again, y’all!

You can’t see it, but you know it!!!

I know.

I’ve been there.

I’ve walked in those shoes.

You aren’t alone.

Even though physically, it appears that way..

You set an alarm every Saturday night so that on Sunday mornings you can go to church, ALONE.

And you sit on that pew, or seat and people talk about how dedicated you are to honor and glorify God despite the fact that your husband stayed at home.

And if you’re anything like me.. you pray so deeply that he will come through the door and fill the empty spot next to you.

& Sunday after Sunday you assume the role of the spiritual leader of your household.

and every Sunday the load gets heavier, you get tired, the kids are hard to manage alone, and you start to wonder if it’s even worth it.

You know why it’s so hard for us women to take on this role? BECAUSE WE WERE NOT MADE TO!!!

God did not create me nor you to spiritually lead our household.

Although I don’t go to church alone, I still find myself making spiritual decisions on behalf of my family.

I have been encouraged lately to press like never before for this breakthrough.

I have fervently prayed and made this prayer the focus of my prayer life.

My husband WILL lead our family spiritually in Jesus’ name.

And I haven’t heard the voice of God much lately as I’ve prayed but he has given me spiritual dreams to guide my prayers and to encourage me to STAY THE COURSE!!

In my dream, my husbands earthly father was leading his wife (hubbys mom) into running laps around the sanctuary of the church; a symbol of freedom and complete surrenderance to God.

It was then that I realized that the head of this family starts with him.

So I am redirecting my prayers to pray for him also.

In the bible “Michael” is the archangel who conquered Satan.

“Marlin” meaning very generous, dweller of the land….


The lord gave me a dream that is prophesying what is about to happen in this family!!

The head is going to conquer Satan so that we can all dwell in the Lord’s presence!

I’ve prayed for the time such as this for many many years.

The breakthrough is coming and my dream confirmed it!

Now is the time to PRESS, to STAY THE COURSE, to NOT BACK DOWN!

Don’t accept the empty seat beside you!!!! Call it FILLED my sister!!! YES, tell someone they can’t sit there because you have family coming!

Speak a complete surrenderance unto the Lord in their lives!

Call them praisers, worshipers, free of chains…

Speak the presence of Jesus over them–

Let them know that they are the head and not the tail, but also the spiritual head of your household and then move back and watch God move in their life.

This is our season!!! The season where we no longer sit at church alone, where we no longer make spiritual decisions for our families, and we follow the guidance of the men in our lives.

The time is NOW!!!

I am praying for the men in our lives and their spiritual connection to their Lord. They are on a rise and the glory is ready to fall. I pray that your men, like mine, hold out their hands and are prepared to catch this overflow.

Keep going sister. Don’t quit praying. Cease not. Look at him with faith and not by sight. God is able and capable and will do more than we could ever ask or think.

When dead people still speak…

I heard you today.

You still speak to me.

You still have words that resonate on this Earth.

The prayers that you spoke have life.

I wish you could see the fruits from the seeds that your prayers planted.

I hear you saying that family is the most important.

I hear the forgiveness that you always had for people that wronged you.

I hear you referencing the bible.

The stories you told of the old days are still here.

Your life on Earth ended but your way of life is still speaking.

I one hundred percent believe that birthdays are NOT celebrated in Heaven.

Heaven is timeless. Celebrating life is a regular occurrence up there.

So I won’t say Happy Birthday today.

I just want you to know that you’re earthly life still speaks.

It still gives me words and wisdom.

Your life went beyond the day that the lord took you home.

It still speaks.

& Im realizing now, that the purpose of life is to speak beyond it, when it is no more.

You left a legacy for us.

Today would have been your earthly happy birthday and even thought you aren’t here, you’re still speaking.

Today I know that you are not celebrating your life but you are with the King of Kings.

It really is such a sweet treasure that when Jesus called you home, you didn’t stop speaking.

I pray that I can always here your voice, and that it will never faint out. I pray that your legacy and prayers will pour out to all of the generations to come. I pray that the seeds you planted in prayer will sprout to my children, and their children, and their children’s children; never silencing your voice. I pray that you echo throughout the years reminding us that you’re always there.

Tonight we pray for the wife that performs the role of caretaker for her husband

You ever see those “tonight we pray for the woman that…” post? I love them so much and sometimes they hit me right where I need them to. But sometimes they don’t really apply to me at all and so I just continue to scroll because “it didn’t apply to me”.

It never occurred to me that just because her prayer did not apply to me that I could STOP SCROLLING facebook and pray my own prayer that is applicable.

Who knew you could even do such a thing?

So tonight, as I watched my mother earlier today, I pray for the wife that is the caretaker for her husband. Maybe its seasonal and it will get better, maybe with time her husband will become less dependent on her… or maybe he will always need her care.

God no matter how long this wife’s season of care will last, I pray for those dark spots under her eyes. I pray that they become lighter as you help her carry the load.

I ask that you give her wisdom to provide the proper care. God, not all of these women are knowledgeable in the medical field but you have seen them do their research, check blood pressure/sugar, and make sure that the appropriate oxygen levels are maintained.

Lord she needs your strength to be able to continue to provide care. You see her cooking him meals, helping him to the restroom, and treating his basic needs. You see those middle of the night breathing treatments and those continued visits to the doctor.

But you also see her heart. You see how she worries and doubts herself, and is awake even when she should be resting. I pray that you ease her mind and let her know that it’s still ok to take time for herself.

You hold this precious wife and husband in your hands but Jesus I ask you tonight to just hold this wife’s hand and guide her through this journey.

I pray for a peace that truly surpasses all understanding, that only comes from a loving father. I ask that she wakes in the morning with a renewed sense of purpose and a refreshed spirit.

God I know that many people are in this caretaker position right now and I pray so deeply all of these things for them- but I ask on behalf of my mama God that she would feel your comforting presence.

You are the ultimate example of a caretaker, Jesus, and we are so thankful that you chose that role for us. Thank you for the late nights, the pick ups, the comforting words, the healing touches, and the helping hand.

Late night thoughts from poker table talks…

I asked them how long they had been married…”32 years”. He went on to add that they both had enough reason to leave; to quit. He even said that there were times that it probably would have been easier to walk away from it all than to stay.

“So why didn’t you…leave?” I asked.

I was expecting some profound response but he simply said “I just always chose to make the same choice… to stay”.

Who knew you could have such a deep conversation with someone at a deep stack pocker tournament.

I started thinking about it later on; choices.

In Brad and I’s wedding vows we both said that we would choose one another in “sunshine and in shadows”.

We have had many sunny days… and there have also been days where I wondered if the sun would ever shine again.

I don’t know if you’re in a sunny part of marriage right now, or maybe you’re in a place full of shadows; but what I have learned is that the weather changes. The sun hides behind clouds at times, and the light is blocked for a moment…but it’s still there.

Did you know that a shadow cannot exist without light?

You have to have a light source that is partially blocked to create a shadow.

I pray that the lord reminds us all that even in shadows there is a light that created it all.

There’s a cloud blocking that beautiful, warm, star.

I pray that in all of our marriages the Lord will make known the clouds that are blocking our sunlight.

Did you know that in outdoor photography the best pictures are taken at sunrise and sunset?

The best pictures are taken when the sun is low or in full shade.

Creating one big over casted shadow prevents smaller shadows from showing up in unwanted places.

Shadows have a purpose and a reasoning to them.

Lord I pray that you will remind us that the dark places have reasons and that you are using them to create a beautiful photograph.

Help us understand that every marriage has shadowy places, but that your grace covers them all. Gives us strength God that passes all understanding to get through these shadows and to step back into the light.

I pray for each person reading this tonight God and the intimate relationship that they first and foremost have with you. I pray that they will start by coming to know you and the love that you have to offer them. Secondly, Lord, I pray for their marriage. I pray that the shadows will not overtake their sun but that we will bask in the presence of them, understanding that they bring purpose. We thank you for the moments of sunshine that our marriages have had and I ask that you remind each of your children of those moments when the shadows come. When those small streaks of light break through the clouds, I pray that we take notice and appreciate them for what they are. I thank you God for creating women for men to be their partner. Help us to understand your purpose in joining the two together.

What I loved the most about talking to this guy about his marriage was that he honestly reflected on his 32 years. He didn’t say they only ever had sunny days. He didn’t deny their shadows. He just simply said “I chose”. And it reminded me of someone else that made a choice…

God chose to send his son to be the ultimate sacrifice for me.

Jesus chose to be the ultimate sacrifice for me.

I was the one, out of the 99 sheep, that Jesus chose to go after. I was not worthy of him coming after me. I didn’t deserve any of the things that he did for me. But he chose me. He chose you.

Lord help us all to choose more. Bring us more sun than shadows, but know that we appreciate both. The sun appears to be a little brighter when it’s been behind a cloud for a while. I ask Lord that you will move some clouds tonight. Bring some sun back to the marriages that haven’t seen it a while.

With all of my heart Jesus, this is my prayer ❤️