Thy will…

It takes selflessness to submit fully and totally to the lord’s will in your life. I believe in each area of your life you have a different purpose. But every purpose is to glorify and uplift the lord. I am a wife. My purpose is to build my husband up through encouragement. I am an investigator’s wife. I rely heavily on the lord for strength to endure the hard and stressful times that come alongside my husband’s job. I am human. My flesh wants to complain. Do you really have to go to Indiana (8 hours away) for a two week training? Do you really have to leave Easter dinner because you were called out to a crime scene? Do I really have to take my one year old on a five minute trip to the grocery store because you are on call and can’t watch her? But the lord called me to encourage him in his job. To support him when the rest of the world is turning against him. To appreciate him and give him a pat on the back when no one else is. That is what the lord has called me to do as a wife. I am a mother. The lord has called me to protect. When I first had my daughter I didnt instantly have my mother’s instinct. It has fully kicked in and I am worse than a mama bear and her cub. You don’t mess with a mama’s babies. It is up to me, not the church, not her school, not other family members- but me- to teach her what the Bible says and how she should live her life according to the will of God. I am a teacher. Everything I do in my job I do for two reasons. One is to support my family and the other is to do as the word tells us, to do everything unto the Lord. I feel that I am successful in what I do. I didn’t choose a career path. I prayed about what the Lord wanted me to do and so I became an educator. My kids will know more academically when they leave me than when they came to me. You would think to a teacher that would be the most important thing. But not to me. If you leave me knowing the importance of being kind, accepting people with disabilities, showing respect for our country, holding a door for a lady, and helping those in need then I have done my job. You will get much farther in life by being a good person than you will by telling me the difference in an odd and even number. Am I saying that I don’t value the academics in education? Absolutely not. But I believe that if you are all of the things listed above, then you will strive to excel in your school work.  Above all of these roles that I fulfill  in life, I am a Christian. A lot of times when you say that people automatically hold you to a higher standard. I said I am a Christian. What I did not say is that I am perfect. God’s grace is abundant and perfect. Not me. Him. I have all kinds of struggles in my faith. Currently, I haven’t been to church in about two months. My daughter is stearing clear of the nursery due to repeated bouts of strep throat. The enemy tells me I am less than because we haven’t been. But God. Thank God for the “but Gods”. But God says his grace is enough. I am in constant communication with the Lord. I wasn’t called to attend church. The custodian at my elementary school also attends my home church. We get into discussion often and seeing him brightens my day. He said “you should never go to church because you feel like you have to fulfill an obligation”. You aren’t obligated to go to church. You should want to go. We should give the Lord time out of our day to devote to him and to be in his presence. I love attending church and worshiping God for not holding me to all the bad I’ve done. A sovereign savior. I am many things. In all of these things- I want the lord’s will to be done in my life. Thy will.


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