Pizza and Spaghettio’s

We had decided that we would have frozen pizza for dinner. Quick, easy, and cheap. I prepared dinner and by that I mean I took It out of the box and put it into the oven. As I was cutting the pizza  my husband came in the kitchen and opened a can of spaghettio’s. “Are you not going to eat pizza?” I asked him. “Nope”… “Well why didn’t you tell me that before I cooked it?” His response…”because we have communication issues”. So to go along with my pizza I could also eat my own words from the comment that I had made earlier..”we have communication issues”.

Why am I telling you this? Because even if you’re too afraid to say it, it happens in your house too. Because your family Facebook photos don’t fool me. Because I know marriage is not easy. Because I like to write about honest things. Life is always beautiful. Sometimes It is just a beautiful mess.

Arguments create passion. I passionately love my husband. I love him enough to listen to his points and to voice my own. I love him even when I am mad at him because love isn’t situational. I love him enough to find a resolution rather than letting the issues continue to build.

I want my daughter to see us work through our problems and stay together. TO see us frustrated, yet still in love. To have the security of knowing that this too shall pass and mommy and daddy will always take the necessary steps to stay together.

So how does This night end? We both say I am sorry.. he ate a piece of pizza and that’s that. What did I learn.. well I always learn a lot about myself after an argument. Today I was taught a funny little lesson about what communication issues really are.. and now I can find the humor in it.

I am so glad that I have followed the call to write about my life. I love being open and honest about who we are. Normal. Regular. Loving. Arguing 😉 People!

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