Behind him

Behind every first responder is a family. A mother that calls wanting to make sure her baby is ok (even if he Is thirty). A daughter that doesn’t understand why she keeps telling daddy bye. A sister who is there in support and stress relief. And a wife. That’s me. God called me to be summissive as a wife. And in my role as a wife I think that means being “behind” him. Being submissive does not mean being below your spouse it means being behind your spouse. Being his support, his go to, his person. And I will tell you that in all of the other roles that women fulfill every day… it’s not always easy. In my life I cook dinner only to get a phone call that lets me know that I will be eating alone. I’ve sat in restaurants waiting for a ride because a phone call came through and left me there. You are a fist responders wife when the phone rings and your gut tightens because you don’t know what the next second holds. We keep 2 sets of clothes ironed and laid out at all times… because you just never know. My life is when I plan a botique clothes party on a specific day because my husband “isnt” on call and can watch the baby- then the phone rings. Police wives have an undeniable bond. Because we get each other. We share the same life. We know that seconds of time are valuable and you never send your officer out the door unfocused or dealing with personal issues. It takes a strong woman to put an argument on hold and truly kiss and hug your husband goodbye. I wish our community had a support group where we could support each other in supporting our spouses. You have to be poured into to pour out to someone else. I will continue to do my best at being submissive as the lord has called me. To smile and kiss him goodbye when the phone rings and my insides are screaming.

Being a police wife has its benifits. I am confident. I am a strong wife and a strong mother. I handle business when my husband can’t.. putting up a fallen fence, getting an evaporator fan on the fridge fixed and a sick baby all in a week. I own a gun. I can shoot. I know my rights. I take pride in my country. I will always stand for the National anthem. And I sleep alone so you can sleep safe. I am behind him.


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