The journey

Forgiveness is a journey. It doesn’t come quickly, it isn’t received easily. You stay in a season of anger and hurt and bitterness far too long- because you’re human. I’ve been hurt. Many times. And I’ve always forgiven. This situation will be no different.. I am just still in the journey. I’ve been hurt by a previous church, a pastor, a man. I didn’t quit on God because God didn’t do it. I prayed and prayed and I asked God “how can you forgive someone if they never apologize or try to make it right”. I matured so much in my walk with the Lord when I realized forgiveness isn’t about the other person’s heart… it’s  about your own. Forgiveness doesn’t come from an apology.. it comes from seeking God’s presence and choosing to not let this person’s actions and words eat away at your life. I know that forgiveness for the people that have hurt me will come and I know that it will come without an apology or acknowledgement of wrong. I have prayed and asked the lord to reveal any wrong that I may have done myself (because after all I am human too). Ultimately unforgiveness comes from Satan and it hurts you more than the person that you are holding it towards. I am working on mine. Who’s got you caught up in unforgiveness? You will still be mad at them tomorrow… but if you start to pray about it, in time, the lord will soften your heart and break those walls down. Don’t let this temporary, short, time that we call life go by caught up in unforgiveness. Jesus loves all. Even the ones that didn’t show love to him. Jesus washed Judas’ feet knowing he was going to deny him. Could I wash their feet? Pride, annoyance, anger, my flesh… it all screams No.. and then my spirit man reminds me that I need to be more like Jesus. Humbled in my ways…. forgiveness is a journey. Will you start yours today?

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