If God isn’t speaking to you, you might need to hush…

I have strategically and fervently  been praying in the mornings before starting the day. This is the prayer that I have been praying over my daughter:image.jpg You cannot pray a prayer like this and not expect the enemy to attempt to do something about it.

I have been so thankful this week. On the way to work I drove my mom’s car because my battery died in mine and the family car had to have a new water pump put in. I took Scarlett to the doctor twice (and it’s only Tuesday). I have had no sleep in the last week and a half- yet on the way home from the doctor all I could do was sing “there’s an old church choir singing in my soul”. All I could do was say thank you lord.

Thank you Jesus that I have cars that can break down. Thank you for parents who loan out their cars (and they give you the one with the most gas). Thank you for the child that I get to love and care for and take to the doctor for minor illnesses. Thank you for hand, foot,  and mouth. For an answered diagnoses. For peace of mind. Thank you that that’s all it is and it’s not worse. Thank you for a mother’s instinct and for answered prayers. For allowing me to know that I needed to seek further answers. Thank you for the healing that you so willingly give. I praise you for the baby that cries at night. That I get to nurture and love. I thank you that I have a job to go to each morning, regardless of how tired I am from the night before. I thank you for the helper in life that I have that cooked dinner AND baked a cake.

God you are a good good father. I am thankful for a supernatural mind set that can take what the world would see as bad and use it as a praise to you. To know just how blessed I am.

Thank you for the broke down cars, hand foot and mouth, sleepless nights, a messy house, a crying baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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