What’s your identity?

Many times Satan will put things, phrases, people, thoughts, in your day, to the forefront of your mind- to bring you down. Today what Satan intended for bad- my spirit made good.

Because of Poly cystic ovarian syndrome-  I may not ovulate every month… my body does not always produce the right levels of hormones.

Did you hear what I just said??

I have a daughter! I carried her for nine months! I got pregnant with her the first month that we tried.

Dont tell me what my body can’t do. Let me tell you what MY GOD CAN DO! I am not a woman with PCOS. I am a daughter of the king!

What satan intended to get me down- pumped me up! My god! My god! The world says this… science says that… but MY GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY!!!!

Who are you listening to? What are you believing about yourself that doesn’t line up with the word?

If he never does another thing for me- he’s already done enough!!!

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