Uncover your CoverGirl

My identity is in Christ. I’ve been searching and praying and really asking God what this means. Well, who’s under that make up?

Sister, I know you have dark circles under those eyes- just as I do. My circles show a tiredness from a one year old, 16 seven and eight year olds that I teach five days a week, waiting up to make sure my husband returns from a swat call out, and trying to calm my own racing mind.

Those wrinkles in my forehead- they tell a story. Concentration, worry, successes, failures, tears- oh the tears I must have cried in the last 25 years.

Those dimples- like my mama. Those sleepy eyes and Rosie cheeks. Those eyebrows that haven’t been waxed in months.

Some days I just feel closer to God when I am pure. Who he created me to be, the way that he intended it. I am able to focus on who I am on the inside. I am able to recognize my true identity.

Is there anything wrong with wearing make up? Absolutely not! But know who you are. If you can’t leave the house with out it- it may be more of an idol than an accessory.

The best thing about deciding to focus on my Christ identity was getting out of the car after work and hearing my husband say “you look pretty today”. My response was “WHAT????”. It was then that I realized that he is in love with me, my soul, my inner person.

I love rubbing my eyes at 230 pm because I don’t have on mascara. I love throwing my hair up in a pony tail. I love to feel confident in who I am without being what society tells me I need to be.

Sometimes I guess I just need to check myself and make sure my spirit man is real, pure, and honest–Not covered by a Mary Kay mask.

Your lip sense looks beautiful. Your younique eyelashes are fabulous. Your Rodan and Fields fixes you up nice- but what do you have if you gain the whole world and lose your soul?

Uncover yourself. Covergirl really only covers so much.

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