How many prayers away is your next breakthrough?

All I had was faith the size of a mustard seed. It looked so bad. It had gone on for so long. How could it ever get any better?

Out of my frustration, I took things off of my prayer wall. The enemy used someone to tell me that my prayers weren’t working.

And when I hit the bottom and had exhausted myself from trying to figure it out on my own- I got my breakthrough.

The lord gave me a glimpse of goodness in the people I had been upset with. And an overwhelming peace entered my soul.

It feels good to not have a hinderance in my walk with god. To let it go. To breathe in his peace. To exhale all the negative energy.

You know what I love most about life? I love to grow in who I am by knowing who he is. I am so imperfect. I give up right when I need to push through- yet my sovereign god says “I see you. I see you taking those prayers down because you’re at the end of your own strength. I see you surrendering the situation to me because your own efforts aren’t working. It’s when you can’t that I can”.

I am so thankful that when I can’t- god still can.

God knew that we would have moments like these. That is why he only required our faith to be the size of a mustard seed. Tiny. Almost non existent. But if you plant it- it will grow. If you water it, it will flourish. Each situation in life grows my faith.

I imagine the devil sitting in despair tonight because he didn’t win this one. He can make himself comfy in that despair too because I am on the winning side.

Storms do pass. The sun does come back out. There is a light at the end of your tunnel- your hurt, your pain, your un-forgiveness.

You gonna take your prayers down or are you going to stay strong in the faith declaring your breakthrough?

Anchor yourself at the foot of the cross. Tell the devil who your god is. The Bible says to pray without ceasing.

And if you cease, like me, know that god still has your back.

He loves me like I love my own. I’m a mama bear. I will hurt you if you mess with my cub. God feels the same way about me. That’s why when I stopped, he didn’t.

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