Caps for sale!

I have too many caps. And even though I’m expected to wear them all.. some days I feel as if they all went unworn. So buy my caps. Pick which ones you want.

I have a teacher cap that comes with 17 kids. It also comes with paper work, grades, and meetings. Hours spent outside of the required 40 and duty free lunches spent on duty.

Also, I have a wife cap. A cop wife at that. It requires being permanently attached to your child, being left in random places because of a call out, and worrying late at night. It also requires picking up dirty clothes off the floor, putting down toilet seats, and cleaning up snack trash by the bedside.

How about a mother cap? I almost never take this one off. It is one of my favorites but still, requires a lot. Sleepless nights, repeated readings of “Can You Cuddle Like a Koala?”, so much Sesame Street, and dirty diapers.

I have a believer cap. The Christian faith. I wear it proudly. Some days it’s harder to put on than others. It shouldn’t require much but sometimes feels as if it too can be something else to wear. Another role to fulfill.

At the end of long days, when I truly feel exhausted- and I feel like I have all of these caps stacked a mile high on my head (because I am also a dish washer, a clothes washer, a button sewer, a nurse, a friend, a sister, a daughter, along with countless others) it is then that I realized how blessed I am to be all of these things. And while all of my “caps” are for sale today- I am saddened to inform you that you can’t afford the price.

So I’ll get up tomorrow, drink my SPARK, and put all these caps back on my head- juggling them the best way that I know how. Trying to not lean too much so that one doesn’t fall off.

And on days like today, when I lean over too far, because let’s be honest – some of these caps carry a lot of weight, I’ll lean on the almighty God.

The one seated at the fathers right hand advocating for me. Going to bat for me. Pleading with God on my behalf. I’ll lean on him and he will put my feet on solid ground.

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