It. Is. Cold.

I am sitting outside on my back porch, next to the railings that our rescue dog chewed, keeping my husband company as he puts together a trampoline for our daughter. I realize how hard it is to be Santa. It is cold. I am cold. He is cold. The wind is blowing. But we are still out here like some crazies because we know that our hearts will be warmed when we see that snaggled toothed, curly haired, little girl light up with excitement as she sees what “Santa” brought for her.

The lord is always able to speak to me through my day to day craziness. Tonight I am reminded of how cold this world can be. How cold situations can be. I’m reminded of people that ask god why. Question his will. “If there is a God… why does he allow such bad to happen”.

I have to ask these people what their “cup” looks like. Yours might be half full and it might be half empty.. all people see it differently. My cup runneth over. There’s nothing half about my cup.

I think too often we see the coldness of tonight that we forget about that warm smile that will melt our hearts in the morning.

And on a more relaxed note:

For those of y’all out there being Santa- god bless you! I feel your pain. This cold ain’t no joke.

Mamas and daddy’s are the bomb.

Christmas is way more fun when you’re a mama.

Hubbys that rock it as dads are UHHHMAZING!!!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours- and I hope this holiday season you start to see your cup running over. All that god has given.

I’m thankful for the savior that came and took my form. Became one of us. Yet lived a perfect life. God gave us his son. That in itself is enough.

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