It’s always New Years when you know Jesus

This jar is my favorite. One because it’s my husbands nanna’s. But two, because I know she would have appreciated the use for it now. Last New Years I started writing on slips of paper things that happened in our family throughout the year. We had some firsts when my little girl took her first steps, and we had some lasts when our Aunt Angie took her last breath. We are grateful in all seasons of life. We know our savior is at the beginning and the end for he is the alpha and the omega.

In a world that can be full of so much bad, I encourage you to find the good in this year. We laughed at the devastation that the super bowl left us with and how important it was at the time that the dishwasher miraculously started back working. The hopefulness of our aunt receiving a liver, and the sadness of her meeting Jesus. The bitter sweetness of signing up Scarlett for 2-k and the proud parent moment when she took home the crown at a beauty pageant.

It was a great year-2017.

For 2018…

I try to set realistic New Years resolutions so my two for this year are:

1.) to not get so far behind on grading papers (we will see soon how realistic this will be)

2.) to get up early enough in the mornings to spend alone and quiet time with the lord

I have learned that how you start your day, sets the tone for your day. When I start my day in a rush and a panic.. the whole day seems to be rushed and panicked.

One of the things that I love most about the lord is that everyday is New Years to him. You can always start over. Every year, day, minute, second. His grace is sufficient.

Happy New Years from my little family to yours ❤️

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