Recap of church today:

The story of Abraham and his sacrifice of his son Isaac to the lord. God told Abraham to take his son up to a mountain and use him as a sacrifice. Willingly (just as Jesus) Isaac walked to his death, carrying his own wood. There are many correlations to Jesus’ sacrifice, the difference being that god provided the lamb (his son) to take Isaacs place.

I couldn’t help but to think of all of the times that God provided the lamb to take my place. When I should have been on the altar dying and God said “behold the lamb”. When Satan tried to take me out and God said “behold the lamb”.

In the two verses above Abraham names the mountain that he went to to sacrifice his son God-Yireh meaning “God sees to it”. In another version this place is referred to as “the Lord will provide”.

I’m in a time in my life where I need to get to the place of God-Yireh. Where I know that in the situation that I am facing- God will see to it. God will provide.

I pray for Faith like Abraham’s. Faith that allows me to walk up a mountain and give up my child because I know God has her best interest.

I’m sure Abraham loved Isaac like I love Scarlett. I am a mama bear 100 percent. But if I can get to the place where I can give her to god- fully. Her health, her future, everything… I will be blessed for it just as Abraham was. The Bible says in verse 18 “I’ll bless you, oh how I’ll bless you! And I’ll make sure that your children flourish like the stars in the sky! Like the sand on the beaches!”

I will surrender my situation to god. I’ll put it on the altar and trust that God will send a lamb to take its place.

Just because it is in the old testament doesn’t mean it’s not relevant.

Credit: Pastor Greg Johns

Cedar Rock Church

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