When Brad and I were on our honey moon- he brought along with him his Sperry shoes that he undoubtedly wore with no socks. Here we were on a cruise ship, in the blazing summer, and my husband wears these shoes with no socks. It is a memory we will never forget– needless to say those shoes were left in that tiny cruise room and I prayed they wouldn’t find their way back to us.

I washed my husbands no sock wearing feet on that cruise. A symbol in the Bible of humbleness. I love my husband. I admire the person that he is. Washing his feet wasn’t a hard task for me.

Jesus washed his disciples feet. I washed my husbands feet.

Jesus washed Judas’ feet.

Jesus knew that Judas would betray him before he sat the bowl of water down in front of him.

Jesus knew this man that He crouched himself before, would say that he never knew him.

Yet, Jesus washed his feet.

Would I have done that? Would I have washed Judas’ feet?

We all have seen Judas. We have all been wronged, turned against, and put out.

The “Madea” in me sometimes speaks louder than the Jesus in me. My teacher voice is sometimes used outside of the classroom. My mama bear attitude tends to overpower my spirit man.

I’m reminded tonight of gods love. I’m thankful that he loves me when I am “Judas like”. As I journey through life, I hope to wash more feet. Different feet. Judas feet. Peter feet. David feet.

The world is in a time where people won’t wash feet anymore. We are above our neighbors rather than beside them. Better than others rather than being their equal. Police officers have become enemies rather than help in troubled times.

How did this happen???

It’s because people’s feet STINK!!!! And their aren’t enough people willing to bend a knee and wash their neighbor’s feet.

A school shooting happens and everyone is trying to find someone or something to blame. You want to talk about relevant times using a 2,000 year old book? God showed us what to do. It hasn’t changed. People have changed.

Yet here we all sit arguing about gun laws, video games, and at home discipline. Guns aren’t the problem!!! Guns have been around for years!

If we were all doing for others, the way Jesus did, we wouldn’t have the time or energy to engage in all of these unthinkable outbursts.

So the next time somebody tries to talk to me about guns, police officers, and this tragic world we are living in… imma have to tell you to go to wash some STINKING feet!!!

I have enough spiritual awareness to realize WHY our world is so desperately needing an outpouring of gods love.

God gave us a perfect example. Will I ever get there? No. Will I still have Madea moments tomorrow? Yes LAWD HALLELUERRR!!!!

But Start somewhere. Be a foot washer.

“One foot, two foot, red foot, blue foot”

(Sorry I’m a teacher and it just seemed relevant)

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