I’m at the doctor. And I’m smiling. I’m not smiling because everything is ok. I’m smiling because I serve a god that is bigger than PCOS and sugar levels.

I’m allergic to the medication needed to control my sugar and I just found out there are no alternatives when it comes to the barrier between sugar levels and infertility.

I have a PCOS miracle baby. She was sent from heaven with no medicine, no calendars, no stress.

Will I go eat a piece of cake now? No. Because I still need to be the healthiest that I can for my little Lettie jo.

Will I go the infertility route? I don’t know. Right now, I need to seek the father before I decide.

I just wanted Satan to know that as my eyes welled up, my smile stayed. PCOS will not take my happiness. My joy is not determined by circumstances.

Why do I tell the whole world my problems? Well it’s only a problem if you see it as one. And we all go through stuff. There isn’t enough real left in the world. Here’s my real. My right now.

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