The journey to Scarlett’s sibling…

“Your sugar levels are too high. Cut out carbs and sugars and go on a strict no flour diet.” “Here is some Metformin to help with that.” Allergic reaction. “It’s a B12 deficiency- add a vitamin. Add zinc too. That’s why you’re moody.” “And since you can’t take metformin- here’s some clomid”. Allergic reaction. Benadryl. Tired. 17 kids saying “Mrs. Hamby, Mrs. Hamby”

A scientist can tell you when to conceive to the exact degree of your body temperature. The exact day that is most likely. They can manipulate your body through medications to make it do what they want it to do.

Apparently, my body doesn’t like their manipulations and is SCREAMING for me not to put any more medications in it.

I’m sad today. I’m devastated that another treatment failed- after I had to talk myself into trying this option for 8 days.

On the seventh day of creation god rested. If you think he rested because he was tired, you are sadly mistaken. I truly believe that god rested to be an example. He knew how fast paced our world would become. We can tell time to the second! God showed us how to rest after six hard days of labor.

I need to rest.

God said “Peace be still” and the raging storm was calmed. He said “be still and know that I am god.”

I need to be still.

I have pleaded with god for healing over my body. Rahab put a scarlet cord in her window as a symbol of deliverance. Do I think it is by coincidence that this cord was “scarlet”? God knew EVEN in Rahabs time that he would send me my scarlet cord. My deliverance from PCOS.

My Scarlett is my deliverance. Proof that I was delivered from this condition. A true miracle.


Be still.

Know that he is god.

Take a break.

No pressure.

No medicine.

No calendar.

Just me.

My husband.

Our God.

And our scarlet cord.

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