Disclaimer: I in no way feel that I have this all figured out. I get frustrated with my kid. I take B12 and require heavy doses of Jesus. I have hard days too. Just sayin’.

Your child watches your every move.

The words you are saying, she will repeat.

That song you’re singing, she will learn.

How you react to people, she will mimic.

How do you spend your free time? She is taking note.

I know this first hand.

As I sat in church listening to a song that said “it is finished” and I reflected on our journey with infertility- I just declared right then and there that It. Is. Finished.

As I declared that, I raised my hands to heaven.

As I looked beside me, my almost two year old had her little hands raised too.

It touched my heart. I needed her to be in agreement with me that “it is finished”. I thanked God for child like faith.

But it got me thinking… what else does she see me do?

And not even me.. but the people that I allow her to be around. This is why it is so important to control your child’s environment while you can. And when you can’t.. you teach them what to do in those environments.

As my child lifted her little hands to Jesus, I was so thankful that she had seen mommy do SOMETHING right. I don’t always get it right- she wailed herself out of the sanctuary about five minutes after that.. but in those few seconds… Satan lost our infertility battle. And the lord used our little miracle, our scarlet cord to do so.

It is finished.

Your kid is watching you.

If your child’s first response to music is to do the stanky leg.. may you be reminded that music was created to glorify God.

Just sayin’.

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