Vintage is the new “black”

We have entered into a culture where “old” is cute.

Vintage is the style to have.

Farmhouse decor is actually a thing.

Barn doors.

People are spending more money on old things than new.

If you’re into vintage,

If you like old,

Antique is your style,

This post is for you.

We are in a culture where people are appreciating the things that are unique.


Old things made new.

Beauty from ashes.

Our culture forgets the oldest, most unique and vintage thing of all.

A savior that came 2000 years ago to refinish us.

To make us new.

To create beauty from ashes.

How is it that we can be so consumed with a culture of vintage but be so turned away by the word of god?

How can we appreciate antiques, and disregard the cross?

The most vintage thing I am in possession of is ALIVE.

The story is old but it lives.

It renews it’s self.

Your vintage, farmhouse decor will fade.

That cute barn house door you have means nothing in a world that you are simply passing through.

Heirlooms passed down from generations are worthless once this world is gone.

My favorite vintage and antique piece is the wreck-less Love of god.

This is what vintage means to me. What does it mean to you? Is old still cute, when it’s referenced by a christian? Can you be vintage with Christ?

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