When people obey God’s word…

Before you see this and start wondering, no I am not pregnant.

I even pondered posting this. I believe in being still and holding certain things close to your heart. But, I also committed to the lord that I would share this crazy journey of life with y’all.

As many of you know, I was, WAS, diagnosed with PCOS- the number one cause of infertility.

Today, a parent of a student, brought this in. God had prompted her to have this made and she was obedient in doing so.

She also felt the lord speak to her in saying that I am healed.

In situations like this you can do one of two things:

1. Stay defeated and continue in your condition


2. Walk in his healing

I don’t know which form my healing is in:

A healing from the condition completely so that it is not detected from a blood test or an ultra sound


An adopted baby to fill these precious little booties and hat


A surrogate that uses her gift of carrying a child to give us the gift of our second child.

I don’t know how I was healed I just know that I was.

My baby will fill this sweet outfit one day.

I pray for the sweet baby that will wear this yellow crotched gift.

It’s funny that she chose yellow because when people ask my favorite color I always say yellow because it reminds me of the sun. That light trumps darkness. That a new day will come. I love the brightness of yellow.

God is not a by accident god.

I had this child in my class for a reason.

Part of that reason was because when I couldn’t pray for myself, his mom did.

Every. Single. Thing. Happens. For. A. Reason.

People struggling with PCOS will always be near to my heart. I however, no longer accept that label or put myself into that category.

Y’all GOD is MAGNIFICENT! Despite your struggle.

2 thoughts on “When people obey God’s word…

  1. I love your beat for Gods heart..He holds yours very close and never forgets a promise, no matter how long the wait maybe.. Keep shining your light for us all❤


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