I see you, police dad…

I see you, a police dad.

Stuck between your family and protecting someone else’s.

I see you get up while everyone is sleeping and come home to everyone sleeping.

I see you risk your lives for strangers.

I see you spending Father’s Day, childless, as you spend the day protecting the community.

I see you celebrate your child’s birthday- not on their birthday.

I see you kiss your daughter goodbye every morning because you never know when it could be your last.

I see you stop arguing with your wife and tell her you love her because, once again, “what if”?

I see your sacrifice.

Because mine makes those sacrifices too. But not just him- it takes a wife.

A wife that exhales relief when she hears the alarm unset and the door close.

A wife that learns to navigate this life more independently because at any second- the call could come- and you’re on your own.

A mama that is a daddy on Father’s Day and her child’s biggest fan at an event because daddy had to work.

A mama that holds back a screaming child as daddy closes the door.

I see you mama. I am you.

I see that sweet baby that isn’t even two but automatically assumes “da da work”.

I see you asking for your daddy when he is gone.

I see you confused because he isn’t here.

I see your excitement when he comes through the door and your disappointment that he is so tired he just needs to sleep.

I see you baby girl.

He is strong.

I am stronger.

You are the strongest.

I wish the happiest of Father’s Day to all the first responders that aren’t with their kids today. I see you. We see you. We thank you. 💙

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