What did I gain from 7 hours in line at Build a Bear?

“You’re crazy”.

“I can’t believe you waited that long”.

Let me tell you something.

I spent 7 hours with my family.

Our phones went dead.

We had to talk to each other.

Our kids played with other kids.


The people we stood in line with became family.

We made new friends.

We laughed and cut up.

Our children learned to wait your turn.

And good things come to those who wait.

You don’t get ahead by taking short cuts.

You have patience.

You appreciate the product more in the end because you did something to get it.

And I realize just how fortunate I am to be a teacher.

I didn’t have to work today

Why not stand in line for 7 hours for a Bear?

We got a bear, and one HECK of a story to tell.

Make memories.

It’s just time

And it wasn’t wasted time.

We spent it together.

And with other people.

It’s not as irrational as it sounds.

Live for the crazy moments.

Thank you Build A Bear for not just building bears but for building memories ❤️

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