Does your life ever feel like this? Like as soon as you’ve gotten one room cleaned… there’s another mess somewhere else?

As soon as one situation is resolved another one pops up?

While SJ is at dance there is a church open beside the building that I sit in while I wait on her. Usually I pray or read the Bible, but today I just sat.

I didn’t even have the energy to speak the words over this situation because yesterday it was something different.

I know that just sitting in the presence of the lord is enough for healing. I also know that if you ask.. which I didn’t even know what to ask for, you will receive.

God say the words for me, because today I can’t.

I also know that the enemy will use people in your life to destroy you, your mood, your outlook on life, steal your joy, and kill your peace.

As I drove SJ to dance I was excited that I was able to spend 45 minutes with the lord. The devil knew it. So he schemed, he stole, he killed, and destroyed.

He got that 45 minutes. But when I came out of the presence, without saying a word, the devil knew my pity party was over.

Satan you can’t have my child.

You can’t have my marriage.

You cannot have my husband. His success. His joy. His peace.

You cannot have my job, my peace, my success.

You cannot have my friendships.

I take back my joy.

I crush you underneath my feet. Not because of my sake but because of the Lord Jesus.

I will think my self into a fearless spirit.

You have already been defeated.

I will speak down to you the way you spoke down to me.

I will be victorious. The people I encounter will be victorious.

Satan, get. Behind. Me.

Not. Today.

Not my family.

I speak life abundantly, overflowing blessings, an overwhelming sense of peace and guidance.

Guide our steps lord.

Instruct our ways.

Teach us to be more like you.

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