The Grace to have a new start: 2019

Y’all… I currently do not have this life thing figured out. I don’t know that I ever will. This past year has been crazy!

We’ve been to three different churches. Are we church hoppers? I don’t know. Call us what you want- I personally think we are just young and trying to find some direction. But I tell you what we haven’t lost in our almost 5 year journey to find a church home- and that’s Jesus. Our children have not lacked, our marriage has not lacked, our faith has not lacked. And that’s because the church isn’t god. God is the church. I’ve learned so much about who to put my faith in- and it’s not man.

I’ve been really down on myself about us walking around this same mountain of where to go to church for going on five years now. But I’ve realized too that we’ve hardly ever missed a Sunday where we didn’t go somewhere. My daddy always told me that it didn’t matter where we went as long as they preached the word of god and we went somewhere. Sometimes I feel like we are in the wilderness but I look back over the past year and I realize that god has never left us.

How else can you explain being diagnosed with a brain cyst and then after Diligent prayer… it was no longer a concern.

Doctors telling us.. if you don’t take these medicines and do these tests you will NOT have another child. Now we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Hamby number 2.

It has been a GREAT year. SJ turned 2. We got our precious Abby, brad worked a murder, uncle Ricky passed away, ( even gifts we don’t want are still gifts), we went to Disney, it cost us 500$ to have our septic tank fixed, brad completed instructor school, Kimberly was teacher of the month.

Oh what a year we are able to look back on just by pulling slips of paper from Nanas old corn meal jar.

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