I just finished year five of teaching.

I have taught over 100 children in the same community that taught me.

I succeeded. I struggled. I laughed. I cried.

Some days I felt like I was doing nothing, and others I was able to see results and light bulbs.

I have made many friends. Some moved grade levels, or to new schools, or retired. Each one hurt. Even the ones that just went down the hall.

I’ve taught in three different classrooms. With three different administrators.

I’m no longer a five year teacher. I’m a “starting my sixth year teacher”.

I do not have this job figured out.

Someone once told me that you can only say what you know.

What I know is what I know…and what I know is ..

that tree in the picture above was struck by lightening. It split into like a banana peeling and we thought it would die. But right there in the midst of its circumstances, it grew. A lot. New growth. Green leaves.

It’s bent and it’s leaning over but it’s alive and flourishing.

It just reminds me about life in general.. that we are going to have hard times and obstacles to over come but we decide if we are going to die or allow new growth to develop on top.

I’m pretty sure that’s why we get summers, for new growth. A chance to come back stronger the next year than we were this year.

Lord I pray for the teachers that closed their doors for the summer today. I pray that they will take the time to rest and relax. I pray that they will put new on top of the old and come back next year more ready than the year before. I pray that the time that is devoted in their classrooms, while their children are with a babysitter, is replenished back to their families this summer. I pray that next year we will all continue to grow stronger and wiser than the year before. There are many reasons we do our job, but I pray that our first reason is unto you.

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