Enjoying the journey…

On November 6, 2018 I wrote “Why are you not enjoying your journey? Why are you always waiting for the next thing to take place?”

“I’ll be happy when…..”

Y’all I’m human. I have emotions. I’m not going to be positive every day. But God sure pulled me up out of my funk and said “hey, don’t let this time pass you by- there is beauty in the process”.

I pray that if it is not the lords will for us to have another child, that he will take away my hearts desire.

How can I say that? Because I know that his ways are greater than my own. I truly want his will for my life, whatever that may be.

And I want to enjoy the journey.

I look back on the words I wrote and I’m so amazed at the faith I had in the lord. I’m so thankful that I have enjoyed this journey and the process to baby Hamby number 2!

In three short weeks I will be giving birth to a SECOND child. My husband never wavered. I was impatient. Constantly looking for a way to baby number two. And he, being the person that he is, said just wait.

I know that God has a plan and a divine purpose for Scarlett and Dylann Blaire. There was so much talk about how they would never be here, not carried by me anyways.

God thank you for allowing me the time to enjoy the journey. For not giving me what I wanted before I needed it and for allowing my faith to be tested.

I pray for the other soon to be mamas that aren’t pregnant yet but know they are destined to raise children. I pray that they too receive the desires of their hearts. I pray that they enjoy the process and find the beauty in the journey most of all. Strengthen them when the days are hard and their dreams seem so out of reach; when the tests are negative and the drs are more interested in what science says than your divine plan.

It’s been a true blessing sharing my story, my process, and the beauty within it all.

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