A letter to the only… for now


In twenty or less days we will add another little girl to our tribe.

You were enough for us. If God had only given us you, you were more than we bargained for.

I know that we are leaving behind this time where it has just been you, your daddy, and myself.

For three years we have had the privilege of giving you our undivided attention and now you’re going to have to share.

You taught me a mother’s love.

You reduced my anxiety in certain areas of life that now seem far less important than you,

& I gained a mamas worry about her baby girl.

You were the first,

& for a while you were the only.

Whats greater than the “loss” of the three of us is the gain we will receive when going to four. You will have a playmate and a forever friend.

You will have a sister and you will be a sister.

God has faithfully restored to our family what was taken away by blessing us with two more little princesses.

You and Dylann Blaire have an opportunity to grow and connect with one another. I pray that you will be each other’s right hand gal, secret teller, shoulder to cry on, defender, protector, & best friend.

The two of you, together, complete us. Soon Dylann Blaire will be the little girl we never knew we couldn’t live without.

A lot is changing Scarlett. We will never be able to return to this time of just us. But one thing is for sure, our love and adoration for you will never change. We are gaining so much more in Dylann Blaire. We have all the love to share with both of you and can’t wait to add her to our journey.

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