When I started this blog it was a commitment to the lord that I would share my story. Whatever that may entail. I have struggled recently in many different areas and needed to focus on myself, my family, and my own Faith.

About a month before I had my second miracle baby, I found a lump on my breast.

Two days after having the baby I had an infection in my throat and had to go to the doctor on my oldest daughter’s birthday.

That resulted in an ultra sound and then a week later, a biopsy.

My village got me through it. The days were long and fear was becoming out of hand.

I snapped out of it though and started to seek the lord. I had a peace that must of only been from god.

As I awaited the appointments and test results I asked god what he wanted me to learn in this season. I had just had a baby and was supposed to be full of joy yet I couldn’t go five minutes without crying.

Satan wanted to steal my joy. Satan already knew that I struggled with post partum and used it to his advantage.

Thank god we serve an overcomer, huh?

God was showing me during this time the things that I have stressed and worried about in the last year.. my job, finances, etc. and as I looked back on the pettiness of it all I just apologized to him for not trusting him in every area of my life.

My preliminary results came back today and the lump is benign. I’m so thankful for the lords peace through this time and the lessons learned in the trial.

He really is a good good father and I really do see that there is so much more to this beautiful life that I have been given than stress and worry.

Petty arguments with your spouse, unresolved family issues… there’s more to life. I let it all go. I always try to learn the lesson in the trial and with a very thankful heart… lesson learned ❤️

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