I’m a mama. It’s my season…

I’m in a season. I’m learning that God loves me in this season. I’m in a season of motherhood- not the empty nesting kind, but the busy, sweet tea spilled all over the kitchen floor because your three year old tried to pour it herself kind. I’m in that motherhood season where you fall into the bed at 11pm, not because you’re Day was done but because you just pushed what wasn’t done to tomorrow.

I pray. Often. In fact the other morning I thought both of my kids were asleep in the car and I was praying it down- I hear my three year old add in to my prayer and say “and Jesus please help my boo boos”. I smiled. And then I (silently) prayed, “lord thank you that my children hear me praying”.

I am in this season of busy and I don’t sit and read the word of god for lengthy amounts of time. I have. I love to. I used to. And now I have a baby on my hip and one on my leg, a full time job, and a cop wife life that just really limits my time.

When I think of Jesus looking down on me in this season of busy motherhood… I think he smiles. I don’t think that he concerns himself with the time table of how often I read the word but instead focuses on the scripture that has been written on my heart.

I’m a mama. And Jesus gets that. He’s all knowing. He knows what I encounter on a daily basis. I’m not making excuses for my lack, I just truly feel that God loves all of our seasons. I believe that he sees me raising these little God fearing warriors and understands that is a full time job. He sees the mamas that struggle to get to church on Sunday mornings but still make it a priority to be there.

He sees the mama that sits in front of the Christmas tree and reminds her children that there is more to the season than presents; it’s his presence that we celebrate. He sees the mama lifting up her prayers on the way to work in the mornings and saying night night prayers with her babies before bed. He acknowledges this season of motherhood and he is proud in it.

I often like to take people from the Bible and just think about their life in consideration of my own… I know Mary gave birth to a savior but she was still a mama. I imagine she rocked a crying baby to sleep- and did Jesus have acid reflux?? Did Mary get frustrated in moments where she just didn’t know what else to do to soothe her crying baby? Did Mary have mama guilt even more so than us mamas have because she may have been frustrated with the son of god? We sing the song “Mary Did You Know” every Christmas but I often wonder what we don’t know about Mary. Did she have post partum depression? Just because she gave birth to a perfect savior doesn’t mean that it made her perfect.

I love the whole concept of Jesus’ birth. Mary was just like me. I assume. A mama. A busy mama. A mama cleaning up spilled sweet tea and wearing spit up like a fashion statement. I don’t know if she ever got frustrated or struggled with mom guilt but I assume she did. I assume she got busy and Joseph probably got less attention as she cared for our savior. I assume she cried in the bathroom as she had a few moments of quiet. I assume she would have prayed in her car and had less time to read her bible.

I don’t know much about Mary other than that she birthed Jesus but I assume she would be having the same mama conversations that we do everyday. I assume she would be texting her best friend telling her how exhausted she is and how Joseph didnt help with the baby any that night (Bahahaha sorry Joseph).

I’m so thankful though that Mary carried a baby that loves me in every season of life And That he’s always there when I have a few minutes to spend with him. I love that I’m not expected to be perfect or some holier than thou devout Christian. I love that Jesus knows I’m a mama raising little Jesus loving babies ❤️

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