Today we were judged…

I took my SCREAMING three year old out of Marshall’s today. She was screaming. Loudly. All eyes on us. Why were we the meanest parents in the world? Because the toy she wanted (and we were willing to buy) she couldn’t use in the car (markers). She had a full on meltdown right there in front of god and everybody. The screaming reached its peak when we decided (as parents) to put the toy back and walk out of the store.

We were judged. People thought we had a child that had no discipline and was probably spoiled rotten. I will make the small sacrifice of being judged by everyone in the store (& five mile radius of the parking lot) to ensure that my child’s negative behavior is not reinforced.

I will gladly take your stares so that my child knows and understands the proper way to behave. I could have given her the toy or said ok you can color in the car. I could have given her my phone to watch so she would stop crying but what would that have taught her?

So we came home toyless. And we learned a valuable lesson. Maybe next time we are in Marshall’s and mommy and daddy says no coloring in the car, we will politely say yes ma’am and graciously accept the toy with the patience to do as mommy and daddy said.

To the parents teaching their children a lesson in Marshall’s (or wherever)….

You’re doing a great job.

It might not matter now, and you may be the absolute worst parent in America in their eyes, but one day you will see the difference it made.

One day the toy that they didn’t get will be the patience that they find. The toy they didn’t get will be respect for a hard earned dollar. The toy they didn’t get will be acceptance of things in life that don’t go their way. The toy they didn’t get will be the gift of giving rather than receiving. The toy that you didn’t get your kid will be so much more valuable in the future.

So although we were judged, we are also trying to raise a decent child. Although we were stared upon and people even made comments, I knew that my role as a parent in that moment was not to pacify my child for the sake of others but to teach her a valuable lesson.

So walk out with your screaming child mama. You won’t have judgement from me. I know you are trying raise em right.

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