Today you didn’t know my name…

A gallon of gas cost you 10 cents.

A pound of hamburger meet cost you 12 cents.

Your average wages per year were 1,713$.

You were born during the Great Depression and in your life time you saw monumental historic events take place with your very eyes.

You are a living history book.

You saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War, and World War II. You watched Neil Armstrong land on the moon and MLKjr give his famous “I Have a Dream Speech”. You saw JFK be assassinated and the attack on Pearl Harbor. You saw the attack of the twin towers in 2011 and the war with Iraq and Afghanistan.

And now you are seeing a world wide pandemic.

You have known poverty and wealth. You have known unity and division. You have known segregation and desegregation. You have known working hard and hardly working. You have known love and you have known heart break. You have known plenty and you have known lack. You have known peace and you have known war.

But today, you didn’t know my name.

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