This word has stricken me into the inner most depths of my being.


It’s what we have to be. The world is changing and we, a law enforcement family have to adapt.

I did not say accept. Adapt…Adjust to new conditions.

I sat my police wife yeti cup on the counter from the dishwasher and pondered the fact that there are now new conditions surrounding the police force.

Our hearts didn’t change. We still love others just like Christ has instructed us to. He still puts his badge on the same way he did before.

I get text messages now from others that are truly concerned with these new conditions and the adaptations that we are having to make.

& man am I grateful for those prayer warriors. I am a police wife. Adaptable.

I’ve heard many times “I could never be an officers wife”. & my guess would be that’s it’s because you must be adaptable.

1. Sit down to dinner with your family at the Mexican restaurant and a work phone call comes in. Only to realize you all drove in one car. Adaptable.

2. Easter family dinner and he suddenly has to leave. You’ve got your car this time but he had the only house key and now you’re locked out. So you end up sleeping at your parents that night. Adaptable.

3. You’re in the middle of an argument and really want to resolve it for your emotional well being but you know he’s at work and needs to be able to concentrate on his physical safety and prompt decision making so you have to put your feelings aside. Adaptable.

4. Your three year old doesn’t understand why daddy is gone so you create a jar of Hershey kisses that says “a good night kiss from daddy” just to help her small, immature mind, emotionally understand being an officers child. Adaptable.

5. The world categorizes you into an image so far from the heart of Christ that you have based on the decisions of people that you’ve never even met. Adaptable.

We have always been this… adaptable. And we will continue to adjust to new conditions. It’s the LEO way. We adapt.

My heart is raw right now. He tells me to stop reading the articles. Put my phone down, stay off of the news.

And then I look at a cup… deciding if it is safe for my children and I for me to drink from it in public.

And God reminds me that he has a cup for me. It runneth over. it will never run dry and we will never thirst again.

So I’ll keep adapting and trusting in his word. For that is all that I can do.

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