One day I’ll go to the beach and only carry a chair.

One day I’ll put my toes in the sand, listen to the waves crash in, and read a long book.

One day I’ll have even tan lines.

One day going to the beach won’t seem more like a full time job.

Because one day… I won’t build a sandcastle anymore.

One day I won’t have to keep my eyes open to make sure you’re ok.

One day there won’t be sippy cups.

One day I won’t be limited in the activity that I can do so that you can rest your sweet little body to the sound of the ocean.

One day.

But for today,

I’ll take all the snuggles that I’m allowed.

I’ll build a sand castle up to Jesus and have so much sand in my bathing suit after that the shower looks about the same as the beach.

I’ll look for sand crabs at night and marvel at the beauty of gods creatures.

I’ll try to find turtles and catch the little fish with a net.

I’ll run to pick up a broken shell because to you they’re all just as beautiful.

I’ll let you bury me in the sand.

I never opened a book to read but I was able to open my eyes to the beauty of this exhausting little season we are in.

I know one day I won’t build a sand castle, but I’m glad that day wasn’t today.

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