Girl… can you relate???

Do you ever feel the way that this picture looks?

Like everything is just a mess?

The barbie house is a mess, the play kitchen is a disaster with dishes piled high, there is laundry all over the place, and the braves just lost the opening day game.

You know those days where you are arguing with your spouse, the kids won’t stop crying, and you question all of the parenting you have done the last four years.

I know Im not the only one. Are there some other women out there…? You didn’t shower today, you haven’t eaten any decent meal, and you feel like you’ve came last in every scenario of the day? Where y’all at??

The other day this incredibly sweet lady said “Y’all always look like y’all have it all together”. I now think that I have chosen the wrong career path. I seriously should have become an actor if our skills of looking “put together” are so impressive and believable.

I’m not trying to get all philosophical on y’all.. I just know some of y’all can testify. You feel me. You’re reading this and you feel it in your soul.

I cleaned up the messes that I could clean. I made the Barbie Dream house livable again and I at least picked the plastic food up off the floor.

But as for the messes that I can’t clean– some because they’re out of my control (COVID) and some because they just need more time to settle (an argument with your spouse) I simply have to release it to Jesus.

Jesus knows that I am a person that get things done. If I can do it myself, it will get done.

I truly believe that he gives me things that I can’t do or undo so that I will remember that he is the one that is in control of these messes and not me.

So as he cleans my messes, or let’s them linger longer according to his timeline I will try to not run around fixing everything.

Sit down mama.

woman of god.

let him clean those messes that you can’t.

&& girl, know that you are not the only one with a life that looks like this 👆🏻

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