“Other Mama”

That’s what I want my grandkids to call me.

That’s what my great grandmother was referred to as.

Other Mama- noun. meaning another mother. see also grandmother.

Our family didn’t have everything figured out… but we knew that a grandmother wasn’t just supposed to be a “relative”. Your grandmother should be your “Other Mama”.

I am so sorry if your grandmother wasn’t your Other Mama.

I’m sorry if you couldn’t call in a time of need and have that need met.

I’m sorry if you didn’t sit at the booth kitchen table and cry from your broken heart and listen to her tell you that God has a better plan. (and she was right)

I’m sorry if she never gave you gas money or made you a tomato sandwich fresh from the garden.

I’m sorry if she didn’t attend your life’s events and wasn’t there to be your biggest fan.

Im sorry if you didn’t bake pecan cookies and listen to her childhood memories.

I’m sorry if she didn’t teach you about Jesus or sing you old hymns.

I’m sorry if you never learned to see a button or thread a needle or crochet or cross-stitch.

I’m sorry if you never drank tea with the grains in it from where she busted the tea bags.

I’m sorry if you don’t have memories of playing at her house and using your imagination because there weren’t many toys.

I’m sorry if you never spent hours on the porch swing.

I’m sorry if you never had someone that cried when you left their house but lit up when you pulled back in that old rock driveway.

I’m sorry if you didn’t have an Other Mama. And maybe you do and you just call her something else…because my Other Mama, I called her Nanny.

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