What in the holy heavens is that??

Is that a band aid in my dishwasher??

Yep. That’s a bandaid in the dishwasher.

Why is there a bandaid in the dishwasher??

I’ll tell you why…

because I’m a full time working mom of a one year old and a four year old.

because I have piles of laundry that could easily be mistaken as Stone Mountain.

because you can’t see the bottom of the sink for all of the dishes that I can’t stay caught up on.

because the time out chair has a molding of a certain someone’s little hiney from where she sits in it so much.

because everything I do is undone and then needs to be redone.

because Daddy had to work late and mommy was in charge of school work, dinner. bath, and bed.

because there are diapers and pull ups and little people on my hips.

because sleep is never achieved and always deprived.

because there are trails of toys and honey nut cheerios and toilet paper that was pulled out into the hallway.

because things are out of order, mixed up, and thrown together.

So… there’s a bandaid in my dishwasher.

But one day there won’t be. So… after I gasped and cringed, I snapped a photo because for now that bandaid in the dishwasher just so happens to be the perfect explanation to my life’s season.

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