Well I guess it’s time to let you all know….

I’ll be sleeping all night now.

And not alone.

We will all ride in one vehicle.

Brad won’t be leaving from dinner because his phone rang.

He will only carry one phone.

I won’t constantly fear his safety and worry that he won’t make it home from a swat call.

He can look at more beautiful things and carry a less heavy load.

His heart will be less burdened by the ugly things this world faces.

My favorite LEO is returning to civilian life.

My cop wife cup will just as proudly now say T2 Technician wife.

For 10 years he served this community. He put on his badge and left us behind to protect others.

For ten years he ran into situations that almost all of us would run away from.

No matter if he is in law enforcement or electrical work he will always be our hero.

We will always support those that answer the call to walk the blue line.

We are so very thankful for the opportunity that law enforcement has provided us with.

God has opened a door and has other plans for us right now.

I’m sad.

I’m scared for change.

But I know that when I snuggle up next to him knowing that he won’t be leaving in the middle of the night and that everything will feel right.

He may just be an investigator to you that you’re calling to try to solve your case…

but he’s my everything.

the father of my girls

the first person I call when I get off of work

the one I need when the world falls apart.

and for those of you that aren’t called into another season of life and law enforcement is where you are supposed to be right now….

You’ve got this.

wives that sleep alone, thank you for your sacrifice.

Babies that are going to bed without being tucked in by daddy… thank you.

I have lived your sacrifice and more than anyone, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate that when I call… you answer.

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