I’m the mama that didn’t make a post to celebrate “National Daughter’s Day”.

Who invented something else for mamas to do??? 😂

That post probably would have required a free hand at some point that day.

But… I was busy.

Busy being a pre k homeschool teacher,

busy having dance parties to “Trolls” songs,

busy going to jiu jitsu and ballet,

busy having dinner conversations about their day,

busy wiping tears because our no nap day left us exhausted and unable to explain our big feelings with words,

busy holding a crying, teething baby,

busy shushing and patting bottoms to sleep,

busy making sippy cups and wearing drool as if it were in style,

busy doing nursery rhymes, patty cake and this little piggy,

busy giving baths, lotion massages, and putting on pjs so that I can do it all again the next day,

busy giving more of myself than what is left to give.

Busy laughing and making memories,

Busy trying to remember the curve of that small baby button nose and the exact shade of red that her hair is,

busy memorizing those curls, that baby teeth smile, and all of the sass that comes out when she makes hand gestures,

busy listening to those sweet little giggles of laughter,

busy talking about Jesus and how hard life would be without him,

busy watching their bellies rise and fall as they peacefully sleep in my bed,

Busy. But happy, grateful, and thankfully blessed.

So no, no National Daughters Day celebratory post from this mama- because I was busy being a mama… and it’s my most favorite way to occupy my time ❤️

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