In between the marks…

The lines on the growth chart appeared faster than I imagined.

We went from barely standing to barely sitting.

We have added a whole nother’ human to the wall since we started.

In the beginning the measurements were taken often.

And as our family grew… they became more spaced out, less frequent.

Today on a whim, we measured their tiny little souls and they put their tiny little feet up against the wall…

And they were so excited to be growing big and strong!!!

And for a minute I just looked at the little tick marks drawn on the wall.

Your babies are growing up mama.

And whether you are measuring them or not, they are always growing.

My hope for you in these growing seasons of your babies is that your tick marks become more spaced out.

I hope that you have less time to to track their growth because you are busy living in the precious moments.

It’s the time in between those little marks that really matter.

As the marks made me sad today, I couldn’t help but to focus on the gap between November of 2019 and October of 2020.

That was the time period for us that was different than all the others.

And look how much my baby grew during that time!!

We were less busy tracking growth and spent more time nourishing it.

It’s ok to have gaps in your marks. it’s ok to be present in the moment. it’s ok to only have an “in your mind” kind of memory. it’s ok to put the camera down and turn off your phone.

Life is lived in between the marks, where those sweet little memories are made.

In between those marks have been snuggles in mommy and daddy’s bed, jiu jitsu take downs in the play room, and dance parties before bed. Oh the Scooby Doo mysteries we have solved and the tears that mommy’s hand has wiped away. Life has been full of laughter and time outs and Saturday morning Dunkin’s; little baby milestones and red haired attitudes.

We are living our happily ever after in between those little measuring marks… and some days, well most days, it is absolutely exhausting; but everyday, it is worth it.

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