You know what we need more of…?

We need more week nights sitting in front of the oven waiting on cookies to cook,

We need more family dinners at our mama and daddy’s old kitchen table,

We need more late nights watching the Braves lose and more saying “there is always next year”,

We need more friends that are more like family,

We need more time using our Nanny’s rolling pin,

We need more of letting stuff go,

We need more dance party celebrations,

We need more cheerleaders, more people that think of others first, more women that encourage other women,

We need more humbleness,

We need more movie nights all snuggled on the same couch, (who cares if there are other places to sit),

we need more Dr. Pepper and frosted cookies with sprinkles,

We need more caffeine (cause Lord knows some days we couldn’t make it without it)

We need more early morning phone calls with our best friend,

We need more Dunkin’ donuts drive thru runs,

We need more time playing in the sandbox without fear of getting sandy,

we need to spend more time just plain barefoot, toes in Gods earth,

We need more time investing in the emotional state of our children because it’s a big deal to them,

We need more grace to allow ourselves to fall apart,

We need more faith to put ourselves back together,

We need more moments of listening and laughter,

We need more good ole southern accents,

We need more hotdogs from little league games and sore bottoms from bleachers,

We need more boiled peanuts,

We need more camping trips,

We need to hear more of those stories that daddy always tells,

we need more hand holding just because,

we need more heart to hearts,

we need more handwritten cards,

we need more conversations at the Piggly Wiggly,

We need more stories that start with “remember when”, “member that time” and “i’ll never forget”,

we need more family traditions,

we need more car ride jam sessions,

we need more opened arms and helping hands,

we need more spur of the moment ideas,

we need more highway car games,

we need more art,

we need more time to be creative thinkers,

we need more books, and readers, and vivid imaginations,

we need more understanding and compassion for other people,

we need more home grown gardens,

we need more southern hospitality,

we need more new generation kids that are still taught to say yes ma’am and no sir,

we need more family reunions,

we need more long car drives,

we need more of the good ice,

we need more passion,

We need more fresh starts,

we need more coffee creamer,

we need more tolerance of imperfections,

we need more songs from old church hymnals,

We need more spontaneous adventures,

We need more time genuinely and prayerfully considering others and their hardships,

We need more testimonies of Gods goodness,

We need positive phrases spoken more often to our children

we need more authenticated chats about raw emotions,

we need more of taking meals to the sick or the family that just lost a loved one,

we need more baby showers to celebrate life and miraculous blessings from the Lord,

we need more M&Ms with peanuts,

We need more mamas that still stand in the driveway as you leave,

We need more Nee Nees day cares,

We need more inspiration for people to do what they love,

We need more TUMS because heart burn sucks,

We need more cheetah print everything,

We need more mermaids and unicorns,

we need more husbands and wives having conversations about the others needs,

we need more un done laundry and dishes and more coloring and playing barbies,

we need more turtles,

we need more time in other people’s shoes,

more reflection,

more half full mentalities,

more talks about the “good ole days”

more time to grieve the loss of someone,

more hobbies and things we love,

more sweet peaches,

more banana peppers,

saturday morning pancake makings,


we need more.

And you aren’t going to get any more time than you are given so you better start putting more into the time that you have.

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