Veggie straws are NOT a fruit

Maybe you and your “boo thang” are peaches and cream, peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, or any other combination that goes together.

My husband and I, and I like to be real with y’all, are veggie straws in a fruit basket.

One of my biggest pet peeves is things being out of place. I literally walked into the bedroom tonight and said “Veggie straws are not a fruit”. At first he was confused and then he laughed because he knew that him putting them in the fruit bowl bothered me.

& then God started talking to me. Yes, he talks… if you will listen.

Brad and I are so different.

He totally put the veggie straws in the fruit bowl because:

A.) he knows I don’t like stuff on the counters

B.) he didn’t want to take the time to put them back in the pantry

so… can’t put them on the counter + don’t want to walk into the pantry= fruit bowl.

& veggie straws ARENT a fruit.

We don’t go together easily.

We are not the same in many ways.

I’m not even sure if he and I would get matched if we were doing a compatibility test.

My guess would probably be no.

And then Jesus says to me as I am standing in the kitchen, “I made you from his rib”.

God didn’t use all of Brad to make all of me. He used a PIECE of brad to make all of me.

And that one piece that he used fits me perfectly.

We were not created to be the same.

I was created to put the veggie straws in the pantry.

He was created to put them in the fruit bowl to avoid his wife complaining that they’re on the counter.

We aren’t milk and cookies.

& we aren’t waffles and syrup.

But we are exactly who God created us to be.

& we strive everyday to accept the other for exactly who that person is.

I don’t wanna be the pop to his tart or whatever it is these couples that mesh so well together say.

All I want is to be a piece of him, created by God, to be all of me.

I’m a part of him.

& today, instead of complaining that the veggie straws were in the fruit bowl, i’m choosing to take notice that he didn’t leave them on the counter.

Because he gets me.

He knows i’m just a piece of him and that I wasn’t created just like him.

And that makes us perfectly us ❤️

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