I promise to keep the cookie jar full.

I promise to surround it with floured noses, dancing in the kitchen, and the sound of the mixer.

It will watch us make new memories and hear us talk about the old ones.

It will see two little girls grow into adults, making cookies with mommy along the way.

It will hear heart to heart talks just like the ones we used to have in your kitchen.

The cookie jar will now be in a new home but it will always be full. And not full of just cookies.. but full of all of those Christmas baking memories.

Full of the memories of all the people along the way that stopped by for a snack..

full of the times we emptied it into a Ziploc so we could have some for later,

Full of one generation passing down traditions to another and then that generation passing it along once more.

It has felt very empty lately but i’m trying to fill it back up.

I’m trying not to leave it as empty as my heart feels.

So I made cookies. & I filled it up.

Because one thing that was never empty at Nanny’s house was the cookie jar.

If you inherit the cookie jar… you also inherit its fullness; even if your heart feels quite the opposite.

So tonight i’m thankful that the cookie jar is full.

it’s a starting place for healing.

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