Late night thoughts from poker table talks…

I asked them how long they had been married…”32 years”. He went on to add that they both had enough reason to leave; to quit. He even said that there were times that it probably would have been easier to walk away from it all than to stay.

“So why didn’t you…leave?” I asked.

I was expecting some profound response but he simply said “I just always chose to make the same choice… to stay”.

Who knew you could have such a deep conversation with someone at a deep stack pocker tournament.

I started thinking about it later on; choices.

In Brad and I’s wedding vows we both said that we would choose one another in “sunshine and in shadows”.

We have had many sunny days… and there have also been days where I wondered if the sun would ever shine again.

I don’t know if you’re in a sunny part of marriage right now, or maybe you’re in a place full of shadows; but what I have learned is that the weather changes. The sun hides behind clouds at times, and the light is blocked for a moment…but it’s still there.

Did you know that a shadow cannot exist without light?

You have to have a light source that is partially blocked to create a shadow.

I pray that the lord reminds us all that even in shadows there is a light that created it all.

There’s a cloud blocking that beautiful, warm, star.

I pray that in all of our marriages the Lord will make known the clouds that are blocking our sunlight.

Did you know that in outdoor photography the best pictures are taken at sunrise and sunset?

The best pictures are taken when the sun is low or in full shade.

Creating one big over casted shadow prevents smaller shadows from showing up in unwanted places.

Shadows have a purpose and a reasoning to them.

Lord I pray that you will remind us that the dark places have reasons and that you are using them to create a beautiful photograph.

Help us understand that every marriage has shadowy places, but that your grace covers them all. Gives us strength God that passes all understanding to get through these shadows and to step back into the light.

I pray for each person reading this tonight God and the intimate relationship that they first and foremost have with you. I pray that they will start by coming to know you and the love that you have to offer them. Secondly, Lord, I pray for their marriage. I pray that the shadows will not overtake their sun but that we will bask in the presence of them, understanding that they bring purpose. We thank you for the moments of sunshine that our marriages have had and I ask that you remind each of your children of those moments when the shadows come. When those small streaks of light break through the clouds, I pray that we take notice and appreciate them for what they are. I thank you God for creating women for men to be their partner. Help us to understand your purpose in joining the two together.

What I loved the most about talking to this guy about his marriage was that he honestly reflected on his 32 years. He didn’t say they only ever had sunny days. He didn’t deny their shadows. He just simply said “I chose”. And it reminded me of someone else that made a choice…

God chose to send his son to be the ultimate sacrifice for me.

Jesus chose to be the ultimate sacrifice for me.

I was the one, out of the 99 sheep, that Jesus chose to go after. I was not worthy of him coming after me. I didn’t deserve any of the things that he did for me. But he chose me. He chose you.

Lord help us all to choose more. Bring us more sun than shadows, but know that we appreciate both. The sun appears to be a little brighter when it’s been behind a cloud for a while. I ask Lord that you will move some clouds tonight. Bring some sun back to the marriages that haven’t seen it a while.

With all of my heart Jesus, this is my prayer ❤️

2 thoughts on “Late night thoughts from poker table talks…

  1. Life is easier when we put it in terms of what Christ has done for us. Marriage is a sacrament. Sacrament means a Christian rite (such as baptism or the Eucharist) that is ordained by Christ and that is held to be a means of divine grace or to be a sign or symbol of a spiritual reality. Wow! That kind of changes the whole picture!
    Keep writing!

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