Tonight we pray for the wife that performs the role of caretaker for her husband

You ever see those “tonight we pray for the woman that…” post? I love them so much and sometimes they hit me right where I need them to. But sometimes they don’t really apply to me at all and so I just continue to scroll because “it didn’t apply to me”.

It never occurred to me that just because her prayer did not apply to me that I could STOP SCROLLING facebook and pray my own prayer that is applicable.

Who knew you could even do such a thing?

So tonight, as I watched my mother earlier today, I pray for the wife that is the caretaker for her husband. Maybe its seasonal and it will get better, maybe with time her husband will become less dependent on her… or maybe he will always need her care.

God no matter how long this wife’s season of care will last, I pray for those dark spots under her eyes. I pray that they become lighter as you help her carry the load.

I ask that you give her wisdom to provide the proper care. God, not all of these women are knowledgeable in the medical field but you have seen them do their research, check blood pressure/sugar, and make sure that the appropriate oxygen levels are maintained.

Lord she needs your strength to be able to continue to provide care. You see her cooking him meals, helping him to the restroom, and treating his basic needs. You see those middle of the night breathing treatments and those continued visits to the doctor.

But you also see her heart. You see how she worries and doubts herself, and is awake even when she should be resting. I pray that you ease her mind and let her know that it’s still ok to take time for herself.

You hold this precious wife and husband in your hands but Jesus I ask you tonight to just hold this wife’s hand and guide her through this journey.

I pray for a peace that truly surpasses all understanding, that only comes from a loving father. I ask that she wakes in the morning with a renewed sense of purpose and a refreshed spirit.

God I know that many people are in this caretaker position right now and I pray so deeply all of these things for them- but I ask on behalf of my mama God that she would feel your comforting presence.

You are the ultimate example of a caretaker, Jesus, and we are so thankful that you chose that role for us. Thank you for the late nights, the pick ups, the comforting words, the healing touches, and the helping hand.

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