I know.

I’ve been there.

I’ve walked in those shoes.

You aren’t alone.

Even though physically, it appears that way..

You set an alarm every Saturday night so that on Sunday mornings you can go to church, ALONE.

And you sit on that pew, or seat and people talk about how dedicated you are to honor and glorify God despite the fact that your husband stayed at home.

And if you’re anything like me.. you pray so deeply that he will come through the door and fill the empty spot next to you.

& Sunday after Sunday you assume the role of the spiritual leader of your household.

and every Sunday the load gets heavier, you get tired, the kids are hard to manage alone, and you start to wonder if it’s even worth it.

You know why it’s so hard for us women to take on this role? BECAUSE WE WERE NOT MADE TO!!!

God did not create me nor you to spiritually lead our household.

Although I don’t go to church alone, I still find myself making spiritual decisions on behalf of my family.

I have been encouraged lately to press like never before for this breakthrough.

I have fervently prayed and made this prayer the focus of my prayer life.

My husband WILL lead our family spiritually in Jesus’ name.

And I haven’t heard the voice of God much lately as I’ve prayed but he has given me spiritual dreams to guide my prayers and to encourage me to STAY THE COURSE!!

In my dream, my husbands earthly father was leading his wife (hubbys mom) into running laps around the sanctuary of the church; a symbol of freedom and complete surrenderance to God.

It was then that I realized that the head of this family starts with him.

So I am redirecting my prayers to pray for him also.

In the bible “Michael” is the archangel who conquered Satan.

“Marlin” meaning very generous, dweller of the land….


The lord gave me a dream that is prophesying what is about to happen in this family!!

The head is going to conquer Satan so that we can all dwell in the Lord’s presence!

I’ve prayed for the time such as this for many many years.

The breakthrough is coming and my dream confirmed it!

Now is the time to PRESS, to STAY THE COURSE, to NOT BACK DOWN!

Don’t accept the empty seat beside you!!!! Call it FILLED my sister!!! YES, tell someone they can’t sit there because you have family coming!

Speak a complete surrenderance unto the Lord in their lives!

Call them praisers, worshipers, free of chains…

Speak the presence of Jesus over them–

Let them know that they are the head and not the tail, but also the spiritual head of your household and then move back and watch God move in their life.

This is our season!!! The season where we no longer sit at church alone, where we no longer make spiritual decisions for our families, and we follow the guidance of the men in our lives.

The time is NOW!!!

I am praying for the men in our lives and their spiritual connection to their Lord. They are on a rise and the glory is ready to fall. I pray that your men, like mine, hold out their hands and are prepared to catch this overflow.

Keep going sister. Don’t quit praying. Cease not. Look at him with faith and not by sight. God is able and capable and will do more than we could ever ask or think.

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