Mama, those ornaments are going to move up…

Let the ornaments at the bottom of the tree be.

One day Mama, they won’t all be at the bottom.

One day, they won’t all be clumped together.

One day there won’t be a crown in the middle as a “one last final touch”.

And one day, you’re going to wish that it was exactly the way their little selves decorated it. So let it be mama ❤️ soak it all in!!!

My four year old teaches me spiritual lessons quite often but today she really got me–

She kept insisting that she decorate the back of the tree.

“Baby put them in the front. No one sees the back…”

In her sweet little four year old voice she says “Mommy I know no one will see but I know it”

Oh. My.

Sweet dear child.

That’s how you explain Jesus to people that don’t understand it…

They may not always see him but you know he’s back there.

You know those decorations are there and even though they don’t have a physical appearance they still have a big purpose.

That’s faith y’all in the words of a four year old… you can’t see it from the other side of the tree but you know that it’s there.

Thank you Jesus for using my four year old to flood my soul with your presence.

What a powerful little human she is, a warrior for the kingdom of God!!!

I will never NOT decorate the back of tree again, y’all!

You can’t see it, but you know it!!!

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