I took the vaccine today—

How? I wasn’t in the “chosen” group of people to receive it first. I’m not in a profession that is considered to be in the most need of the vaccine.

But you see, I am chosen!!! Not chosen by the CDC or the government but chosen by a king who holds everything in the palm of his hand.

Today at church I took the vaccine that was tested over 2000 years ago.

It fights off sin, sickness, and diseases!

As with any vaccine it has some side effects; blessings, happiness, prosperity, and strength for the future.

This vaccine protects me and my family from the things of this world. It offered a solution to a lost and dying people. It takes what was meant to harm me and produces good things.

Having this vaccine gives me peace, comfort, a sound mind, confidence, and faith over fear.

When I accepted this vaccination my eyes no longer saw the same, My mind no longer thought the same thoughts, my mouth didn’t speak the same words…

This vaccine changed me.

I am injected with the Lord Jesus Christ and his spirit dwells within me!!!!

Ideas and thoughts are from my church notes

Sermon given by Pastor David

Crossover Ministries

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