Ya’ll all I can say is that the Hamby’s have jumped on a Holy Ghost train and we only bought a one way ticket!!! — check out this testimony that I’m telling on Brad’s (hubby) behalf:

Do you know that if the enemy sees you to start doing things for Christ he will do EVERYTHING in his power to get you to stop; to take you out, to quit, to sit down, step back, withdraw?

If you are not facing adversity in your life from the enemy then you are NOT doing enough to stir the devil up!

We faced some adversity this week and I am SO happy that we did.

Why? How can I be happy that the enemy is coming against us?

  1. Jesus already won
  2. the attack was against my husband, Brad, which means he is stirring up the enemy


So about 2 weeks ago brad worked some part time jobs and made $1400.

At church, he handed me some money from that and asked me to put it into a tithing envelope.

A few minutes later, he handed me some more money and asked me to tithe that as well.

That Sunday night I testified that Brad had tithed, being only prompted by the Holy Ghost fire and that God was about to use him mightily. I have sewn YEARS into this harvest and we are about to reap this beautiful crop.

Satan heard all of that.

He heard that Brad was surrendering to God.

He sees that Brad is going to church.

He hears our spiritual conversations.

& ya’ll he doesn’t like it!!!!

So Brad lost $700.

Which to middle class people is a pretty significant amount of money to lose.

Half of what he worked for, gone.

He tells me with a shaky voice that he can’t find it and it must have fallen out of his wallet and how sorry he is and that he will make up for it.

All the time that he fears my response I am talking to Jesus saying “Thank you Lord for showing me this attempt of the enemy to get Brad to stop tithing. Thank you Lord that he is stirring up the enemy. I praise you God that answer my fervent prayers and fulfill the desires of my heart for my husband to be the spiritual leader of our household”.

Ya’ll my husband is making the devil mad!!!

So my response,

“Brad the enemy wants you to stop tithing. He wants you to quit. But that is BLESSED money, and I don’t know where it is but it is exactly where it is supposed to be and what they enemy takes from us the LORD will give us a ten fold blessing.”

So satan take everything that we have so that the Lord can replenish us ten fold.

I cannot wait to see what God is going to do for us through this.

My husband is on a breakthrough and the windows of heavens are opening up on his behalf.

I cannot contain this holy fire that I have on the inside of me over losing this $700.

I didn’t look for it, rack my brain trying to find, make a public post about where-ever it is.


I want what God is about to pour out to us because of it.

Ya’ll STIR up the enemy.

Make him mad on behalf of our Lord.

If you are under attack right now, know that it is because of your faithfulness in the one that sits on the throne.

Don’t back down.

Don’t quit.

We can’t wait to give Jesus more!!

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