A Tear Washed Face:

I see you walk into church with your makeup done.

And then leave with a tear washed face.

I see you woman of God.

I watch you, in your waiting season.

I see you entering the throne room and petitioning God.

I see you ask.

I see you not receive, but you know that it is God’s will.

So even though yesterday you asked for the 10,000th time,

today you will ask for the 10,001st time.

Because that time might be THE time.

I see you in this season of planting, working the ground, and preparing for the harvest.

Even though really, you aren’t sure when that will be.

I see you….

Because I am you.

Im weaving baskets to collect the harvest that the Lord is preparing for me.

The longer that God keeps me in this waiting season, the more seed I sew.

The more seed that I sew, the more harvest will come.

Sister, I do not have enough baskets prepared yet to contain what he is going to release.

So I have to keep weaving.

I have to keep praying, going to church, seeing things with my spiritual eyes, standing on the foundation of his word…

Satan wants us to believe that this is the way our life is supposed to be.

If Satan can get you into a place of complacency with the way that life is right now,

then he doesn’t have to spend energy trying to withhold God’s harvest.

I love my life.

But I know that the way that it is right now is not all that God has for me- for my family.

The waiting season can get lonely.

This season is an opportunity for Satan to get you to quit; to not ask that 10,001st time.

Over the last 7 years, I have quit.

I have let Satan (temporarily) win.

I have given up.

I decided to do what was easier.

I stopped asking.

My sister in Christ,

Let’s let this year be the year that from January 2021 to January 2022 that we don’t stop.

And if you need to start petitioning God again today, it’s never too late to start.

Let this be the year that our baskets are made and are prepared for when God releases the outpouring of our harvest.

Let’s keep our mind focused on the preparation of the harvest.

I hope that when you left church today, you had a tear washed face because you had just had an encounter with the one who you know will provide.

I hope you know and understand that before a farmer can reap anything, he must prepare for the harvest to come.

I hope that while you wait, you will seek preparation.

Prepare means to make someone ready to do or deal with something.

Although I have been preparing for years for this harvest, I have quit on the process in between.

And when you quit tending to a plot of land, it requires so much more attention when you give it your attention again.

So this time,

The land is prepped, the weeds are being plucked, the seed is planted, and I believe that the Lord is just raining down on it and I’m weaving my baskets, waiting on the fruit to appear.

I don’t know what harvest you are waiting on, or how long you have been preparing for it;

But the lord gave me a vision of mine today:

God is seated on the throne.

Jesus is at the Father’s right hand, petitioning him on my behalf. And I can hear Jesus saying “God look at her. She’s faithful to us. She has been asking for this for a long time. She is preparing for this. Release this into her life Father. You said to ask and unto you it shall be given. You hear her asking. This time Father she won’t quit. Her spirit is different. She is at another level with us. The ground is ready. It’s even tilled a bit different this time. She plowed with a stronger backbone. And these seeds are rooted, planted deeper than every before. You are raining over this crop and now father let her see your production. Fill up these baskets for her God. You created the world in seven days Father, I know that you can fulfill this request in one. She loves you Lord. She has given her life to you. It is your breath in her lungs….”

Is it not great to have someone sitting directly beside our Heavenly Father that is asking God for things on our behalf??

And then I see this…

Jesus is carrying his cross up the hill to be crucified when the cross transforms into my request.

Jesus is carrying this for me. He did not die for me, or for this request, in vain.

There is heaviness in my request but Jesus makes the load lighter.

I am believing with you in your waiting season.

Will you be steadfast with me?

Will you continue to enter the throne room and make this request known to God?

What are you willing to do to ensure that you get this harvest?

Can you celebrate and rejoice with others when they receive the VERY thing that you have been asking for?

Are you willing to get up early?

Are you willing to stay up late?

Would you fast in the name of the Lord relying on Him to provide you with what you need?

I am still in a season of waiting;

but I am entering into a deeper season of preparation.

I want to be ready when this drops from Heaven.

I want my praise to be turned up so much that when this comes to pass, I can be sure to give God all of the glory.

I want my prayer life to be so in tune with God that when I pray and make this request known to God, hell trembles.

The more that hell wants to stop this from coming to pass, I pray that Jesus just rains down a little harder and the roots deepen in Jesus’ name.

I’m ready to write down my battle plan.

I’m ready to make sacrifices on behalf of this request to ensure it’s release.

I’m next.

This request is next.

We are the next one’s in line.

& I will celebrate and rejoice with every person that receives their request before I receive mine…. because I know that while I’m waiting, the windows of heaven are getting heavier.

& eventually they won’t be able to with hold the out poor.

As I continue seeking the release on my behalf, I would love to pray for you. I would be honored to enter the throne room on behalf of your request, your need, and your waiting season.

That is what sisterhood in Christ is for.


I come to you on behalf of my sister in Christ and I ask that the very desires of her heart, the request she has been longing to have answered, the things that she has been waiting for you to release; pour down like a monsoon over her life. I pray that in this waiting season she would deepen her preparation for your outpour but I also ask that you not with hold this blessing from her. Line her up according to your will to be able to receive from you. Allow her to experience all that you have in store for her and her household. Bless her when she comes and when she goes. When satan whispers lies in the waiting season I pray that they would be bound and cast out in Jesus’ name. When she prays Lord, let hell shake. Hear her requests. See her sacrifices Lord. Thank you for this beautiful woman of God who is waiting on you and your timing. Thank you for her faithfulness during this season. Strengthen her to not quit this time. To ask again. To not give up, go back, back down. Let it be, Lord. This time. This year. Thank you Heavenly Father.

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