Kingdom Kids VS. a Willful World

Have you ever felt like you were THE worst mom ever?

I mean, I could possibly have all of you trumped on the mom guilt right now…

It is a VERY strong 10.

Let me just “spill the tea”.

My four year old sleeps in her own room and as she falls asleep she watches TV.

For the last few days I had been saying that I would not let her watch it if her behavior did not improve.

I’ve prayed and asked God for guidance as to how to handle the things that she has been struggling with.

& even still, I question if I handled it the right way.

You see, I have one of those kids that says “just spank my butt so I can watch my T.V”… the strong willed type.

If you know, you know.

& if you don’t know, then I am so sorry that you do not get to experience the passion and eagerness that these children have.

It truly is a blessing… it just sometimes has to be redirected.

Anyways, as she quoted back scripture to me on the baby monitor because she was so upset

“I sought the Lord”

“and he answered me”

“he delivered me”

“from all my fears”

Psalm 34:4

over, and over, and over,

I start to think about how God must feel when he has to redirect our steps.

My heart was literally BREAKING as she apologized and asked for another chance.

Every part of my being wanted to remove her from the punishment, just as I am sure GOD wanted to remove his son from the cross.

& then I realized that I am parenting in the same way that GOD parents his children.

I am sure that our Heavenly Father wants to take our trials and tribulations from us, and he has the power to do so; just like I had the power to turn the TV on.

But there was more to be gained in the TV being off, than if I had simply turned it on.

Her crying would have stopped, she would have fallen asleep, the night would have been easier on me…

but then what about every day after that?

It was necessary that she go through the trial so that we could all experience the outcome.

& just from a situation of having to discipline my own child,

I understand why people worship GOD when everything around them is falling apart.

Because HE knows what is best for us and HE knows what trials we need to go through in order to get the outcome.

If our Heavenly Father loves me as much as I love that little four year old across the house, (and he does by the way) then every circumstance that I am faced with must have a purpose.

Mamas, we have an assignment.

& the due date is getting nearer and nearer.

I’m raising a warrior, and not for this world but for the next one.

I don’t know where you are at today in your motherhood…

I have had seasons of motherhood where I have felt like my husband and I have done everything right.

& then there are seasons where I have felt like I haven’t done anything right at all.

Can I remind you of a few things tonight mama?

  1. They need your parental guidance before they need your friendship
  2. The best things for your child are not always the easiest things for you
  3. Spiritual parenting requires seeking spiritual guidance
  4. Spiritual parenting reflects the love of The Father
  5. They still love you
  6. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities
  7. You are enough for them
  8. Your children were divinely assigned to you
  9. You are CHOSEN and EQUIPPED to be their mama
  10. No one else can meet their needs the way that only you can

Boldly and courageously do what is necessary to ensure those babies become who God has created them to be.

It’s not about being the “cool” mom, but being the Christ like mom.

It’s not about being the “stylish” mom, but being the saved mom.

It’s not about pleasing others, but pleasing God.

It’s not about today’s culture but about the CROSS.

It’s not about the gains of this world but it’s about the glory of the gospel.

It’s not a religion, it’s redemption.

Because, one day the Messiah is coming back for us, and when he takes me with him, it is my responsibility to make sure that my children make it to the right eternity.

& tonight that started with turning off the TV.

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