Be the One Who Finds the Gold

I learned a few things today about the person that I want to be.

Today was full of the end of the school year stress where you are “putting away” this year to prepare for the next.

I realized that there were other things that I wanted to put away other than the desks, chairs, rugs, lamps, and school supplies.

In my closet I want to put away the fear of what the future might hold. Really the only thing that it holds is me- captive. I want to place it on the shelf next to my pencil sharpener and close the door. I want to take the next step, whatever that may be, knowing and trusting that God has plans to prosper me and to give me a hope and a future.

In my filing cabinet I want to file other’s opinions. The purpose of my file cabinet is to hold things that I eventually throw away. I wouldn’t be upset if that were the same scenario for this particular file also.

I want to put any anxiety and stress in my desk drawer; closing it up to be contained.

Sweeping away any doubts or “what-ifs”, dusting off the negativity, and trashing all of my insecurities.

The person that I want to be is just passed all of these things that hold me back from becoming her.

I want to be the person that likes all of your pictures on social media.

I want to buy from your small business just to show you that I believe in your work.

I want to be the person that encourages you when things didn’t go as planned; because really, what we think didn’t work out God is using to work it out.

I want you to have another baby if that is what your heart wants.

I want you to buy that house, or sell your house,

or go back to school, or learn a trade,

or get married, or not get married,

or lose the weight, or love the body you’re in,

or travel, or stay in your hometown,

or take the job, or quit the job,

I want to be the person that understands that everyone’s life season will look differently.

I want to show I know that my passions, dreams, and plans are not the same as yours; and that is ok.

I want you to be the best you.

I want you to be the happiest you.

I want you to be the most fulfilled you.

And I want you to live unapologetically.

Not sorry for choosing what you chose; even if what you chose didn’t work out the way that you wanted it to.

We all need people that are willing to embrace other people’s successes and encourage them when it seems like a failure.

We need more people that are more concerned with others happiness and less interested in the life society tells us we are supposed to have.

I want to be your biggest fan and your proudest cheerleader in every season that you go through.

None of us have all of this life thing figured out. It won’t all work out perfectly, but it will all perfectly work out.

Keep striving.

Keep pushing.

The view at the top is worth the climb.

Let’s normalize it being ok for everyone to be in a different season of life.

You took a new job? Good for you!!!

You quit your old job? Good for you!!!

You’re staying at your current job!!! Good for you!!!

Let’s bring the joy and support back to “to each his own”.

Get in other people’s corner!!!

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